School uniforms, OR No school uniforms:
This debate has been going on for "centuries". What is wrong about wearing school uniforms? Nothing in fact and there are actually many advantages of wearing them. School uniform reduces peer pressure from students. They will not be misjudged, bullied or looked down to as there are simple no grounds for these as everyone looks similar in the uniform.

How are you going to judge a rich versus a poor student when you are wearing the exact same clothes? This can reduce school bullies and put the pressure off poor students. Students are not grown ups. At their age, it is hard for them to understand the love showered by their parents is even more valuable. Sociologists keep arguing about the fact that there is lack of self expression due to conforming to school uniforms. What about home conflicts when students start complaining, holding grudges against their parents for not being able to provide them more cash to get branded stuff? Putting the blame on their parents when they get bullied or looked down to in school everyday? Can that happen?

Since self expression is in the scene, let's talk about it. Self expression can occur in many ways. You can express yourself via writing, music, dancing, painting etc. These are much more profound than wearing a piece of expensive cloth over your body. In fact, just being who you are, the way you carry yourself is self expression itself. No expensive jewelry, no purposeful acts as these are way too shallow.

School uniforms are also highly cost effective. They are not expensive and you only need to get 2 or 3 suits of them and they can last almost all the year round. Some may say it is a waste after your kids graduate. Well, let's look at it in another perspective. School uniforms can be a piece of memory as you know you will never wear them again. It is also a proof of your adolescence. You have experienced it and "survived" it.

Let's move to discipline and school authorities. How would schools recognize their own students when everyone from every other school is wearing their own clothes? It would be hard for schools to ensure the safety of their students. Some may even slip into a wrong school. Well, schools are learning grounds and you need to know all about the importance of the uniform. Wearing a school uniform can instill discipline into a kid as well.
You are actually preparing them for the job market. Some companies provide uniforms and you are to wear them. Every company has their own rules and regulations as well. Thus, it helps being trained to be a disciplined individual since young.

In some countries, wearing school uniforms is not a question at all. All government and independent schools' students are compelled to wear school uniforms. Yes, according to sociologists, this can be bad as it curbs individuality and creativity. In spite of this, you have to understand that a rule is a rule for every kid right?

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