Usually we called illiterates as the people who has not attended his/her schoolings or college . And literates as the people who has completed their education.

But is that making difference and is education making difference and prevents common man from doing crime or miscellaneous activities???. As far I know, Education is not making any difference.

Even Educated peoples are there who are addicted to alcohols, Drugs.
Now days we can Educated and Well placed Terrorists who are ready to sacrifice their life and ready to kill others in the name of god or anything.

Education Even teaches us Moral values to the people, but the mind set of the people remain same. The Mind set is same for Illiterates and literates. They are nor ready to come out and look the world as one so that they can spread their message by love.

If we see all the great leaders who had earilier spread peace and love are even targetted by these educated terrorists, or even we can say like they are getting educated just to know about the ideas.

So Education should be made in such a way that it should change the mind set of the people and it should be main motivator to spread peace, love.

Literates should be the main motivators and they should set as an example to other fellows to show how we can lead a peace ful life with out violence and haterdness in this world, and atlast that is the main thing we want to live in this world.

Future is in our hands and many youngsters are there, We can educate them and motivate them to spread love, peace. we can set up an example to how we can lead a peaceful life with out violence.. Lets do them from now.. we can have a very beautiful and pleasant life ...Coz we just have only this life and this is a Blessed one...

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