Children have to live a life of happiness and peace. There are many children who are made to become stressful right from a very young age. There are many reasons for this. The school and the educational syllabus is the main reason for the sudden increase in the stress levels of the child. There are many kids who are given a lot of home work and class work to do that they are as overworked as adults are.

Though the children can be burdened with education, there should be a proper method in which the children's education is increased in quality and quantity. Loading them with various information right from a very young age causes them to suffer very deeply.
As the child has so many loads to tackle, there are various problems that the child may have to face.

There are also various effects of excessive educational expectation from the young children and the effects are listed here.

1. Lose innocence:

The children lose their innocence because of their need to learn a lot. They mature quicker. Though many may say that this is a positive aspect, the children should grow and mature when they should and not ahead of time as this can change various behaviours of the kids. So losing the innocence early is one of the negative aspects of the stress on them.

2. Depression:

Many of the kids also become depressed. The reason for this is that the child may have to study a lot and since they spend too much time in the education, they become depressed. The mind of the child needs to be relaxed. As there is reduced relaxation and more trouble, the child becomes depressed.

3. Suicidal:

Many of the children who need to study a lot become suicidal too. This happens when they are not able to cope with the level of education that is thrust upon them. There are many instances of students who have killed themselves because of the expectations of the parents and also because of their inability to be able to achieve what is expected of them. As parents pressurize the teachers to perform well, the school authorities also burden the students to try harder. As the child is being hedged from all sides, the child has no other choice.

4. Fear of failure:

The fear of failure or the failure itself is the other reason for the child to become stressed and that increases the fear of failure further. The pressure from parents and teachers are enormous. Peer pressure too plays a part in the fear of failure in the kids. As the child thinks that he or she is unable to achieve the levels that are expected, the child is stressed.

5. Aloof:

The child who is stressed will remain aloof. There will be not much of social contacts in the school. The child may also not spend much time with parents in the home and may like to stay alone at all times. This is the other result of the child being very stressed.

These are just some of the results that cause the child to be stressed. There are some that are unpredictable too. As the problem worsens, the child can do anything to overcome the stress. Parents and others should have realistic expectations from their children.

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