A India number of educational institutions were started long ago by minority institutions in India. The Government policy towards these institutions are such that mostly students from the same community are admitted into these colleges. The Government quota regarding these institutions are also friendly and favorable to these institutions. All the students admitted into these institutions are not the best of brains of the nations.

The Presence of a minority institution in a locality reduces the changes of starting any other institution in that locality, say, for example, if there is a minority medical college in a district, the chance of starting another medical college in that district is almost impossible. The non minority students in that locality are unable to get into the existing medical college in that locality and also starting a new medical college in that area is impossible. The bright and hard working non minority students are facing a never ending frustration and are highly irritated by this government polity. in addition, the Government's policy towards the minority institutions are becoming more and more favorable such that only minority community students can get into institutions. It is so long since independence. the Government has to consider the needs to the majority community as well.

New educational institutions are started by individuals from minority community for business purposes. These institutions started by individuals in the name of a Trust or Society do not actually have a backing by any religious body are are solely functioning for the purpose of amassing wealth. Presently we do not have a law governing the minority institutions run for making profits but are considered in par with a very few true non profit institutions.

Whereas, on the one hand the need for good doctors is increasing steadily, the policy regarding starting of new medical colleges are so rigid. This not only reduced the opportunities of truly intelligent and hard worked but also leaves a large population unattended by doctors. The number of patients a medical practitioner can treat is limited. Increase in the number of patients can reduce the quality of medical care. The chances of monopoly practices are high.
In addition to all these facts, insurance cover by some state Governments is making it possible for poor and needy to go to established hospital which are already having shortage of space, facilities and staff. In these circumstances, we are aiming at export of medical service to treat foreigners in India.

If the Governments policy regarding the number of medical education is not changed in the near future, the demand for early treatment by unfair means will increase. This will provide an opportunity to the affordable class to overcome the less privileged. Even though some state Governments had made it possible to treat poor patients in established hospitals, the demand for doctors will reduce the chances of a these patients being attended resulting is a waste of Government resources towards the insurance premium paid.

The nation immediately needs a Government to quickly decide on the needs of all the citizens of India. It should be stricter in enforcing law otherwise permitting to start more educational institutions will only benefit the rich.


About Author / Additional Info:
I am a Hindu. I am from the Brahmin community. I am 52. I had so fare been associated with Christian educational institutions for 44 years. I studied at Christian schools and i am working in a Christian Mission Hospital called the Christian Medical College at Vellore in Tamil Nadu, India.