Team building and Outbound Training is on the rise in India. More and more companies are looking to train, motivate and energize their teams through such outbound team building sessions. A short article and tip on Outbound Training and Team Building.

What is Team Building?

Team building is an involvement, which evaluates the strengths and development opportunities of a work team. It prepares and implements strategies to increase the effectiveness of the team. Team building also increases the ability of the team to identify and solve its own problems.

Team building is often used to describe what we would call training in team effectiveness. Training focuses on increasing the effectiveness of individuals by providing them with skills and knowledge to improve their job performance. Team effectiveness training is, therefore, a program that increases the ability of people to function as a member or leader of a team.

Participants in an outbound team building environment can benefit from learning together. Such trainings may estimate team building if the team evaluates its effectiveness and uses the learning from the workshop to improve its performance.

Business and personal skills are imbibed using humor, improvisation exercises and outdoor activities.
Outdoor corporate activities builds Corporate India's ability to apply the dynamics of improvisation to real business needs setting organizations apart from the competition.

Team Building generates fresher Ideas

Team members can have innovative ideas based on their individual and collective skills and experience. The total skills and experience and knowledge of the individual in a team is greater than those of one individual.

Outbound training sessions focus towards providing a platform for development of problem solving abilities. One person's thoughts and ideas expressed aloud can spark another person's thoughts, resulting in better spread of ideas.

Tips on Management of a Large Group size during outbound Training

1. Plan Meticulously - Decide the Venue, Time, Group dynamics, Activities - all atleast 1 day prior.

2. Understand and Focus on the Learning Objectives

3. keep tighter controls on management of Group

4. keep shorter, leaner teams.

Thank You.

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Dr Mazhar Khan is the Business Head of PraMaz Outbound - An organization that specializes in conducting Team Building and Corporate Outbound Training Programs across India.
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