It is seen that among a group of students very few are those who really get good marks or in other words they can be termed as achievers. So is there any magic that they do or they have some magical formula, the answer is no. There is nor any magic nor any shortcut to get good marks.

In order to get good marks see to it that you study smartly. It doesn't mean sitting for long hours with your textbooks or mugging up the whole book. In order to study smartly first of all prepare a timetable so that you can cover all your subjects in time. It should not be such that while studying a particular subject your mind keeps on distracting on other subjects. So after making a suitable timetable for your studies, its the time for deciding your weak areas and strong areas in a particular subject. Sorting your weak areas and strong areas helps you to prepares better by focusing more on weak areas than on strong areas. Do not go on revising the topic you know by heart, instead attempt to focus on that topic which you are unaware of. This practice will insure that most of the part of your syllabus get cleared.

Most important thing is that always remember to take gap in between studies as this will insure that you do not loose your concentration and whatever you read gets retained in your mind. A short nap just after you complete your studies will help to increase your retaining power at the time of exams. Always try to remember concerts with the help of example as this practice will build strong understand-ability and will also improve the presentation in the exam. If you are referring two to three books it is always advisable to prepare notes from all the books at one place, as opening other books simultaneously hampers concentration and it is also not useful for last minute studies.

So always study smartly to get success.

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