Dedicated Teacher

Teacher is the role model for the students. Always teacher can understand the students and show concerns and love to them. If you are doing like this, the students will love you. Now a days the value of education is deteriorating and students are not respecting the teachers. Ethical principles are losing from both teachers and the students. As a teacher help them to develop good character. So as a dedicated teacher you can motivate the students and mould them to become a responsible citizen. The dedicated teachers are committing and devote oneself to a particular cause. An ideal teacher is an exemplary towards her students, peers, employer, clients and others come in contact with her. This article is dedicated to my beloved teachers; those who are encouraged inspired and supported me in all my endower.

The teacher is .........
The Brahma- the creator;
He is God Vishnu;
He is God Mahesh war;
He is the entire Universe- Salutations to him.

According to Swami Vivekananda "The true teacher is he who can immediately come down to the level of student, transfer his soul to student's soul and see through and understand through his mind, such a teacher can really teach and none else".

Nursing has emerged as a challenging profession requiring high level of education, attitude and skills. Today, nurses have multiple roles in different settings. The expanded roles of nurses in teaching and clinical settings require them to carryout wide range of specific functions requiring high level of professional competency.


• The teacher commits and devotes oneself to a particular cause.
• A dedicated teacher always committed to bring excellence in her students which in turn results in quality nursing care
• The statutory bodies have defined the quantity and quality (experience and qualification) of teachers for each category of nursing program.
• The dedicative aspect or the commitment towards teaching is not that encouraging.
• An ideal teacher is an exemplary towards her students, peers, employer, clients and others come in contact with her



The dedicated teacher has up to date knowledge of educational theory and research. She is always willing to learn new roles. She is trying new styles of interaction and new teaching methods. This type of teachers are criticize ones own performance. They are having inborn quality to teach.

The dedicated teachers are sensitive to the feelings of students and help the students to alleviate anxieties. They are always being accessible and approachable to the students and fair in dealing with students. She is permitting students to express their view and feel free to ask questions. She is conveying a sense of warmth. She is having honest communication with the students. She is always accepting them as they are.

She is having excellent knowledge in subject matter, clinical expertise and confident. She is presenting the subject matter very organized and logical manner. Brilliant in communication.


a. PRACTITIONER- Provides comprehensive nursing care with technical competence in giving care.

As a teacher, be familiar with the institutional policies and procedures. Maintain clinical touch. Maintain proficiency in basic technical and advanced nursing skills. Incorporate new updated knowledge into practice throughout continuum of care. Ensure the students; demonstrate autonomy and accountability in clients care. Ensure the students demonstrate clinical judgments and critical thinking in practice. Ensure accurate and complete documentation. Utilize the best evidence practices.

b. EDUCATOR- Assesses plans, implements educational needs and learning strategies for patients, families and colleagues.

Update with advanced knowledge and practice in nursing. Attend and present papers in professional conferences, seminar, convention, consortium for nursing teachers. Write and publish articles or research papers in professional journals. Use innovative methods of teaching. Develop and utilize cost effective instructional aids. Conduct ward conferences and involve service staff.

c. LEADER - Directs, supervises and coordinates various activities.

Use calm behavior and professional judgment. Stay in one institution and observe the teaching out come. Be assertive to express rights without violating others rights. Organize meetings, seminar and professional conferences. Maintain positive interaction with colleagues. Strengthen professional membership. Demonstrate ability to win the loyalty and the support of employer and others. Strengthen professional values among colleagues. Delegate, coordinate and assume managerial responsibilities

d. COMMUNICATOR- Conveys ideas, opinions, and directions efficiently.

Demonstrates professional communication skills. Communicates clearly and precisely to students and clients. Prepare clear and precise documents. Maintain good public relation.

e. EVALUATOR- Makes judgment takes appropriate decisions and revises plan.

Establish long term and short term goals. Critically evaluate teaching program. Critically evaluate self performance. Leader is one who uses interpersonal skills to influence others to accomplish specific goals.

Practitioner , Mentor , Preceptor , Facilitator , Stimulator


• Effective teachers are leaders of learning communities.
• Effective teachers are educational leaders.
• Effective teachers are dedicated to life long learning.
• Effective teachers abide by their institution's policies.
• To deepen their knowledge of teaching, teachers seek advice and guidance.

East or West
Our teacher is the best
She is our best guide
She helps us to decide
She tells us the right path
When we are in trouble
She is a book of wisdom
Which gives us knowledge
She's a burning candle
Which gives us light
All in all
She's the best of all
I can remember my teacher
Who dressed elegantly,
Moved smoothly,
Talked beautifully,
She set a high standard of
excellence in her life
an excellent and inspiring teacher.
"My heart full salutations to her"

About Author / Additional Info:
Mrs. Bindu Bhararthi
Lecture, Faculty of Nursing
Northern Border University
Saudi Arabia