Building up an interesting, rewarding and challenging career in the filed of Visual Effects and Animations has become the first choice of the students now a days. This is because the field is totally concentrated towards creative thinking and imagining and finally presenting the particular thoughts practically in the form of computer generated visual effects and animations. A lot of increase and advancements in this particular field has been noted recently following the establishment of industries related to this particular filed and appointing the well trained and educated individuals in a handsome salary package.

The present scenario is not concentrated towards building up a career in a saturated field because almost all the saturated career options are limited to provide jobs to the individuals with job satisfaction. The current situation do not permit the students to lead themselves in the field of making their career simply as a Doctor or an Engineer because a lot of gathering are there which ultimately leads a continuous and consistent struggle of the individual to make him/her establish properly. However, merits and talents cannot be stopped but it will not be wrong to say that efforts in the saturated career options will be more in comparison to newly generated and settled career options in the form of Visual Effects and Animations. Students having creativity and keen desire in the field of Graphics and Animations can build up their career in this interesting field. One does not have to know any particular nuclear or rocket launching sciences to get into this field. However, they should be fully equipped with the knowledge of the animation processing and softwares including 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Moving animations and Still Animations.

Several lists of Indian institutes offering degree and diploma courses in the filed of Visual Effects and Animations may be listed as under :

1. Big Aims All over India
2. Ant (Bangalore)
3. Arena Animation (All over India)
4. Arena Dilsukhnagar (Hyderabad)
5. MAC (All over India)

One has to be an expert in the list of following animation softwares :

1. 3D Studio MAX
2. Fusion.
3. Motion Builder.
4. After Effect.
5. Backburner.
6. Bodypaint.
7. Photoshop
8. Indesign etc to name a few.

A list of companies offering prestigious jobs in this particular field are as follows:

1. Infosys
2. TCS.
3. Infosys
4. Cognizant
5. Microsoft
6. Birla Soft
7. Wipro Technologies.
8. MPC Global
9. Deluxe Digital
10. Reliance Media Works.
11. Astute Media Vision.
12. ARENA etc to name a few.

The applicant should appear in a pleasant way in front of the interviewer keeping in view the following mentioned points :

1. Wishing the interviewer properly and speaking with a smile
2. Answering the facts rather than making up own stories
3. Properly presenting a good show reel and be able to answer and explain everything. The creative talent of an individual must be reflected in the show reel.
4. The individual must have updates about the latest developments and happenings in the industry.
5. The basic communication skills like presenting one's self very effectively and efficiently both verbally and in written.

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