The Common Admission Test is the test that is used to assess various aspects of a person before the person is able to join a business school in India. The Common Admission Test has various parts to it. The initial examination is the start of the whole process. In this, the student needs to write a multiple choice question exam in which there are various components to the exam. The components include those like the verbal ability, comprehension, quantitative aptitude, general knowledge and other aspects.

Once this is cleared, the next stage is the Group discussions. As a manager, a person is supposed to have various skills. This includes skills relating to the decision making capacity and also the communication skills of the person. Any person who is good in the analytical ability need not be good in communication and vice versa. This test is conducted so that all the people who are part of the group discussion exhibit their ability to talk and make decisions in their peer group. This is the whole objective of the Group discussion in a Common Admission Test.

This is also the process in which the people with the better communication ability are weeded out of the top Business schools. This makes it very important for the person to be able to compete in these group discussions than being a passive participant. A person who is active is selected more than a listener. On the other hand, the person should not be too active that he is thought to be a threat to the others. People who involve in meaningful conversations are considered to be the best people in the group.

There are different kinds of group discussions that can be held in the Common Admission Test. Many of these discussions are about a particular topic. This makes the knowledge of the topic to be necessary for a person to be able to participate in any meaningful conversation. If the person is not able to participate, then he most probably will lose out in the competition. Some of the companies also use the group discussions as a method of making the candidate to exhibit lateral thinking. This means that the discussion is about a solution to a given problem. The person or group that comes to the best solution will be considered to be the best.

Other than the thinking ability, communication skills and presentation skills in the discussion are very important. A person who is a spectator in the conversation will not be able to overcome problems. The various aspects that should be concentrated for the candidate to excel in the group discussion include the following ones.

The knowledge component is very important. The person should have adequate knowledge to be able to compete at the highest level. So reading various books to gather knowledge is very useful in successfully clearing the group discussion.

Expression of ideas is another important factor that is needed in the group discussion. There may be a group of people and all of them are competing with each other. So, unless you express interest in the proceedings, you will not be able to successfully come out of the discussion. You should also speak up when you are in the group discussion as it will show your authority when speaking.

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