How to get success in Exams

To get through exam with flying colors is a dream of every student. To make the dream a reality needs the right preparation. To prepare for the exam in a right way for the exam, one has to be organized very well. Being organized is one of the most important skill a student must possess. It is also a best defense against a panic during an exam. Much rests on how effectively you plan and organize your study time, on the quality of approach to your coursework and on your revision and exam techniques.

One must plan out study time. Write down the plan literally. Students who write down their goals are way more successful at achieving them. Break down the study course into small manageable parts. While planning, revision schedule must be also kept in a mind.

Make a Time Table: Work out a comprehensive list of everything you have to do and the time you have for doing it. The objective for doing so is not to work hard but work well. In a time table, balance long term work and short term work. Long term is a broad scheme of the work throughout the academic year. For that write down the coursework deadlines and exam dates. Do not write down it in a diary but make use of a planner. Break down the course work preparation and revision into the smaller task scheduled throughout the time available. Then take a short term view and organize a daily schedule. Plan out details of the activities. While working out a plan, keep following points into consideration:

• Set some margin before the deadlines for unexpected happenings.
• Take some time off.
• You must focus on one thing at a time.
• The work you do in the morning sets you up for the rest of the day. You must make most out of the morning time and do it in a way that will keep you focused through the day.
• At the interesting point, take short break.

How to prepare: Once you have well organized plan, get involved intensively in whatever you are studying by trying to marshal the topics. First go through the study material comprehensively, be conceptually clear and build up solid foundation. Then write down the key points. Writing key points can help to build up to a sort of index in student's memory that can unlock more detail. One can prepare even color-coded charts, write some notes which can be used up as a quick look up during exam time. In short break, get relaxed and for that one can listen to light music or close the eyes and take some deep breaths, take some refreshing drink, if it is a suitable time, one can go for a short walk. Sometimes a change of activity can also be rejuvenating.

Exam Time: Once you are well prepared, Exam is the time you reap the fruit of your planned and consistent work.
One day of the exam, Get up early (set two alarms) and get ready early. Eat healthy breakfast that includes milk, fruits, vegetables, whole grains etc. Feeding your body is feeding your brain. Get to the place of exam early.
Once the exam paper is in your hand, take a deep breath. Go through the exam paper. If sections are there, figure out how much time you can spend on each section. Make a strategy for the order in which you will write the exam. For essay type questions, brainstorm yourself before you start writing. On a scratch paper, jot down all the things you want to include in the answer. Then organize them into a rough outline. Follow it. Use positive self-talk if you lose your focus. Remind yourself of what has gone well so far and let those feelings of success carry you.

With organized and planned hard work, consistent study and a well set goal, success is always yours!

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