Education system in India is not good. most of the students are not satisfied with this system thats why they have to move foreign for their higher education. We have a few college very less school. we have 550 million population who are 1-21[age]. around 300 million students are not studying. after passing twelfth class 46/ student prefer to go to college. We can say ten out one student goes for higher study nine student hang around here and there. after getting freedom we are failed to provide good education for Indian youth. more then 2.50 lakh student go to abroad year and they pay 50,00 crore rupee for higher education. we need more IIT's , IIM's for stopping brain drain. India has 17000 colleges which are affiliated to around 500 universities.

Suggestion to improve education system.

1. Change the syllabus and teaching methods.
2. Select more and more attractive courses. which can be beneficial for needy person. provide quality education to your youth.
3. Infrastructure must be comfortable for students. if someone is paying high fee then he will require good quality and technology with study.
4. Provide them good course after metric education. and trained teachers properly.
5. Fill the vacancy of teachers .

These are some bad effected points which are road-blocks also. government will open 1500 new universities for India's population of 130 crore. And central government has shown some seriousness to this recommendation and has issued ten thousand crores to provide higher education. 100 IITs and IIMs can be opened every year with the money that is transferred to other counties every year when Indian students go to those countries. Professionals play an important role in their country's economic progress. But it is out misfortune that out school system is in a 'dilapidated and devastated' situation. For the 95 per cent students, technical and work oriented education is just a dream. Professional education institutes are the base of every country's economic progress. But the gap between progressing and progressed countries can not be filled in short term as for as the professional and technical education is concerned. Japan has 110 teachers for 1000 students for engineering, medical and other management courses. Germany has 76 teachers for 1000 students, America has 65, South Korea has 46 and China has 30. But in India there are only 3 teachers for the batch of 1000 students. That is why we are way behind to provide professional education to out students.

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