Learning for the exam and writing the exam are very important, but before you write the exam ad after you have studied for the exam, you should also revise for the exam. This is a very important aspect of the exam because only if you revise all that you have studied will you be able to recollect and remember the various things that you have studies. This will help you to pass out in flying colors.

There are certain methods of revising all that you have finished studying. Revising in this method will help you to complete the exam successfully by remembering all the important points that are relevant for the exam.

1. Read all important points:

All the important aspects of the subjects need to be read at the last time before the exam day as it will help you to remember these things. All the relevant dates, names and their things that can be easily forgotten should be read so that you remember them.

2. Try to answer previous years question papers:

If you have a lot of time for the revision to be done, you can try to answer as many previous years question papers as possible. This will help you to have a feel of the exam and also try to do this in a simulated exam like setting. This will again help you to be able to tackle the exam better and also help you to brush up on the important points that you need to know for the exam.

3. Try out long answers:

If your exam also involves answering long answers, try to organize your answers into relevant short answers that has many sub topics. This will help you to answer the question in a much more organized manner.

4. Recall what you have studied:

The best method that you can use to revise all that you have studied is to recall all the answers to the questions or at least the important points of each of the topics that you have completed studying. As you remember or remind yourself about all the important points of each of the answers, you will be able to recollect all the other aspects related to this topic and this will help you to remember all that you have learnt and will help you in the exam.

5. Discuss with a friend:

There are some people who do not like to study alone and feel that they will benefit from discussing with a friend as they revise what they have learnt. This should be encouraged if the child learns better from discussions. This has two ways of benefiting. You will be able to remember all that you have studied by discussing the important aspects of the subject. Other than this, you will also be able to garner those points that you might have missed out, but which your friend has learnt.

This is the best method of learning as well as revising for the exam all that has been learnt so that the questions asked can be answered easily.

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