We have been through exams all our life. The day we entered school until the day we started working it has been an endless process of exams after exams after exams, from K-12 in standard six, to N-Levels and O Levels in high school. Your matriculation exam and even the university exams are part of this system. It doesn't stop there, there's also the examination for driving license and also the government entry exams. Being in a Commonwealth country and following the UK education, is examinations enough to sustain our young ones in an ever competitive world? Is a question that needs answering.

The push to success

We do need examinations to evaluate our knowledge and to compete academically with other people. Sadly this method of competition is straining our children. Parents now a days are pushing their children to excel, knowing very well that a paper qualification is not enough but a degree in a prestigious university can seal the fate of their child's future.

The child is sent to tuition centers at the tender age of six so that they can master their English or Mathematics better than their classmate. The child's schedule is full from weekdays to weekends with endless tuition sessions. This schedule will keep going on until the child proceeds to University level. Some parents even go to extreme measures by giving lessons to their child when they are three years old. It can be adequate if there is a balance of playing and learning in their time table for them to grow.

This method of learning will only limit a child to the scope of education in school. It is a robotic routine where the student will only live with a routine with eat, sleep and study for their examinations. They are not exposed to the other side of education such as socializing, team work , playing, analyzing, trouble shooting and communication which is vital when they leave school and go into their professional life.

Communication blues

Studies have shown that students are having problems getting a job after university as they faltered during the interview process. Examination based students lack in critical thinking and the application of normal job scenarios as they are too dependent on text book and cannot think outside the box. Even if they get a job they are facing difficulties in handling presentations, communicating with people and being too cautious in giving decisions as they follow tight schedules and procedures.

Evolving educational system

Currently the education system in the world is evolving. The powers that are realize the importance of coursework assessment along with examinations. We cannot eliminate examinations fully as examinations are still used to seek the students understanding and evaluation in their education syllabus, but adding coursework assessment such as group work, presentations, assignments, project and in some schools social projects will give the students the confidence and the ability to access situations that cannot be found in textbooks.

University assessments

Public Universities and private universities have assessed and fine tuned their entry requirement where the student has to be a wholesome person to gain entry, where school examination and school curriculum activities are counted.

The changing of the assessment system will allow children to play, study and socialize. The era where examinations are the most important things in a child's life is changed with questioning, analyzing, talking , playing and most importantly thinking being given priority to give a more holistic education for the child to be able to face the world.

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