The so called future of the country was found in despair when a student was caught red-handed by some aware and provoked citizens carrying an unusual burden on his head. Though he looked quite innocent on his face, but people were able to grasp the kind of panic he had while carrying it. When he was questioned for carrying such an inappropriate item at his age, the only thing he could answer was, "expectations". There was a sense of disorder for some time among the crowd though it settled drastically with another blistering break-through made by the child. He took the name of his parents for forcing him to carry the toxic "expectations" over his mediocre head. Rage broke through with such devastating fact coming into lime-light. Parents were called on the spot of the event, and questioned severely by the locals. They went into a trauma while people placed allegations over them. The child was placed into a separate cell where he uncovered the whole mishap.

Child also revealed other harmful facts which he was carrying within him. He was found to carry expectations with several dreams forced on him by his parents. There were several time-bounded limitations found in his baggage of burden in addition to an excessive amount of pressure. The child went unconscious after some time.

"It would take him time to come out of the mental assault that has been made on his thoughtful childish mind", as the medical reports says. Doctors told the media that some prohibited medication was found to be present in his body to enhance his capability to carry the load. Child underwent severe burdenisation in his school, coaching and at home as well. He was toxified with threat at all three places which resulted in his bad performance. Though the reason wasn't identified by neither his parents nor his teachers. He was constantly tormented over his poor grades and was never encouraged in any field of his interests. "Though the child is just saved, it's still a dangerous period for him to survive in the near future", the doctor's said.

State Chief Minister, Mr. XYZ, has announced a rehabilitation package for such "Normal Behaviour Retarded" students for their welfare and development. He also declared to give away support and encouragement to the NGO's and the aware citizens who would act in directions of saving such victimised children in any reference. On the very occasion, he also urged the citizens of the city to report any such discrepant activity carried forward by any of the parent, teacher or any other fellow citizen freely to the nearby NGO or responsible organization.

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