Computers have found wide spectrum of applications. Some of the fields where computers have found applications are discussed below:

Education: Use of computers in the field of education has revolutionalized the way of imparting education. With the help of computers coupled with internet technology and video conferencing, it has become possible to get education sitting home. One can apply for the admission, take the courses, give examination and even get the result from home. With the use of animation and graphics application, learning has become lot easier and enjoyable.

Administration: The scenario of doing office work has been changed totally with the use of computers. We can even imagine a paperless office. Very accurate, fast and efficient work can be done. All most all the work like payroll, inventory management, purchase system, account system, production and management etc. of the enterprise are being done with the help of computers. Even the business meetings of the administrative people of the organization with the branches located across the world can be organized without physically being together with the help of computers equipped with technology.

Entertainment and Media: From attractive advertisement to highly animated entertainment programs, applications of computers have found their footprints. Carton movies, science fiction, animation movies etc. are made with help of graphics design and animation applications of computers only. Lots of video games are available which provides immense opportunity to children and teenagers to enjoy, test memory and ability , even enhance their skill with help of intelligent games.

Banking: All most all the functioning of banks are done with help of computers that includes checking account status, withdrawing money, depositing money, interest calculation etc. One can do the bank transactions, pay bills, manage accounts etc. being miles away from a branch or without leaving home. Use of ATM machines, centralized banking system etc. has been made possible with help of computers equipped with technology only. It has become possible to avoid many human errors in handling accounts and interest calculation etc. as computers are very accurate.

Medicine: In the field of medicine, use of computers have been proved blessing. Everything is computerized, whether it is open heart surgery, knee replacement, organ transplant, different clinical tests like X-ray, CAT scan, MRI scan etc. And everything is carried out efficiently and effectively assisted by computer. There are many advantages that make it must for a computer professional to have a computer. Computers also help in recording medical history of the patient, such previous treatments, tests, diagnosis and symptoms etc. Such information is very useful to the doctor in case of emergencies. It has become possible for a patient to avail medical counselling from home or remote location with computer.

Defense: Computers are extremely useful in the field of defense and research. Even the credit of development of modern day computer goes to use of it in defense and research only. Computers are used in unmanned aircraft , Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) that use GPS and Computers to help the missile get to the target, to track incoming missiles and help slew weapons systems onto the incoming target to destroy them, in the logistic and ordering functions of getting equipment to and around the battlefield, in tanks and planes and ships to target enemy forces, help run the platform and more recently to help diagnose any problems with the platforms, help design and test new systems.

These are some of the potential fields where computers have found applications. Computers have proved useful in almost all the activities of our life.

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