Information Technology is one of the major developments in the modern context which has itself found its own place in the field of education. It has continuously and solely resulted in revolutionary advancement in the interaction between the students and the newer ways of educating them. Information Technology opens up new grounds under which the personalized form of teaching helps the individuals to develop in their field and increase their learning power.

Today, the Information Technology oriented education has become more organized and interesting as compared to previous modes. The information systems used in schools and colleges are affordable and easy to be used by the authorities as well as by the students. Now-a-days, Information Technology especially computers has been included as a part of the educational syllabus helping students in shaping up their future in the field of technology. Teaching methods by the use of advanced LED projectors etc are continuously becoming global and dynamic so that this modern era can be fulfilled with the glimpses of Information Technology inventions. Students all over the world can join e-tuitions and learn professional courses by the comfort of their home and gain expertise in their field of interest.

If our society is assumed as the hardware,the education must be considered as its software. Both are interrelated to each other and their changes influence each other. Now,the entire world has come under the full grip of this new phenomenon technology. The influence of Information Technology in all the dimensions and domains of education is obvious. Continuously, the application of Information Technology is receiving increasing attentions from researchers,service providers as well as from the government in the educational arena. Information Technology is the common concept linking almost all the aspects of education such delivery of education,online learning,online examination,online interview,online educational survey etc. Hence, the vast application of the Information Technology is feasible to all the levels of education from the primary to higher and ultimately the professional level where the tools and techniques provided by this technology has proved itself a milestone I the current scenario.

To cap it all, without hesitation anyone can lay stress on the point that the role of Information Technology in the education of modern era can never be kept aside.For the last few decades,it has been playing a very important role in moulding and in nurturing the seeds and the buds of the entire cosmos.

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