There are two genders - girls and boys; and both are necessary for continuance of this world. But as seen in this cruel world boys still hold an important place. They are wanted, well nourished, well educated, well built and everything is firstly given to them before it is given to a girl. Injustice towards a girl starts from the time when she is in the womb. She is killed even before she has taken birth. If she z born she has to pass through difficult times like ignorance, sexual abuse, gender bias, no access to education etc. But whatever she has to go through we can't deny that her role is no less than a man. She is the one who gives birth to a person, to a new life to save the existence of this world. If she is given good quality of education and basic amenities she can pour these qualities in her children as well and can make them a good human being. If there will be no girls then there will be no world, no man, no life, nothing. This earth will be barren. Our earth itself is called a mother, a name which is given to a girl when she bears a child. People should stop treating girls as mere objects or slaves. They should be given the respect they deserve and utmost importance like that of man.

Existence of girls is very important even for a man who needs her when he needs emotional support, recreation, company, pleasure and so on. This need is acquired by a man starting from his birth to his death in the form of a mother, wife, daughter and teachers. As seen in our country the ratio of boys is much more than that of girls that is because they are preferred more than them as they are considered as the supporters of their parents in their old age without remembering the saying that " A son is a son till he gets himself a wife but a daughter is a daughter all her life." People do not even think once when they decide to abort a girl. They can worship goddesses, can go miles and miles long to have a single glimpse of them, can keep nine days fast to please them, worship little girls as kanjak, treat laxmi as the goddess of money and sarasvati as the goddess of knowledge, music and arts but cannot welcome a girl in their family. They forget girls these days are prospering and creating a niche for themselves by being ahead in every field like sports, entertainment, education, politics, medicine etc. This we can see in our own country in the honorable figures of Pratibha Patil-president, Sonia Gandhi-congress president, Mammata Benerjee-West Bengal Chief Minister, Kalpana chawla-astronaut, Lata Mangeshkar-well known singer etc.

Lastly I would like to say that people should welcome the birth of a girl child with as much zeal as they have when a boy is born so that this country as well as this world would prosper to its maximum with the contribution of a girl as well that of a boy.

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