Relevance of today's education

Education "The word has been originated from Latin word EDUCATIO which mean "To lead out so something which leads the people out of ignorance is called EDUCATION. But unfortunately, it has remained the sad reflection on our ability that we have misunderstood the term from beginning. Whether be the MACAULAY education system or wood's dispatch 1854, the ultimate goal of education has remained always deprived and derailed.

Education is the key factor which distinguishes us from the series of animal. It is for the regulation of human conduct towards a civilized society. But isn't it a paradox that a person who is today highly educated are more corrupt than an illiterate rural people. Corruption in top bureaucracy is hallmark of this probity. Akbar, the great mughal emperor was an illiterate but a great educationist. Akbar did not know how to read or write but he administered the empire very skillfully. His kingdom is known for excellence not only in art and culture but also in religious autonomy and all round development.

Environment is the first school amidst which we grow and learn many pragmatic things but irony is that this our first teaching institute has been vitiated with the different didactic offshoot of sycophancy and malicious human attitude. The three major branch of education i.e. formal, informal and vocational have been suffering from the gravest calamity of its dark fate. A cloud of despair seems to be hovering over it. Education seems to lose it's momentum on every front. It has lost its meaning in whirl of dire professionalism and commercialism. No doubt, higher education has now become a costly affair. Beside it, truthfulness of private school is also not hidden from anyone. Growing number of first division is raising another interrogative mark before us. The gap between and knowledge and marks is getting it's U turn. There is no perfect reconciliation between these too. Even today, a recent survey has declared that there is no dearth of job in market but actual skilled person is lacking even with high degree of qualification. It would not be exaggeration to say that our universities and educational institute has become a manufacturing unit who is producing degree based youth with no buyers. After coming out from the school and college, they are mercilessly thrown away in the unemployment market like yesterday fish in the fish market.

Education, today need to be reviewed and accountability need to be maintained between the actual aim of education and its professional gain. World education must aim at equality, liberty and co-ordination of interest. It must avail self- independence, vocational and creative skill. It should be in a way to propound the dignity of labor and work as a religious duty.

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