Ambition in life
People have different aptitudes, capacities, likes and dislikes .Moreover, academic, training, moral bias, intellectual, nature of ambition and conception of future goal are factor which very often determine one's choice of profession. In advanced countries i.e. U.S.A, U.K, Germany, France, Italy, Malaysia, Australia, e.t.c careers open to youths are virtually infinite. In developing countries i.e. Pakistan, India, the choice of professions are limited e.g. Govt.Services, Computer I.T, Armed Forces, Business, Law, Teaching, Doctor, Engineering, Banking and Industry are some of the most prominent careers which youths likes to enter.

Vocational guidance is almost non-existent and aspirants have to rely on their own resources.

My Ambition is life is to become a Teacher. It is a noble profession. Outsiders are not aware of the true nature of teacher's profession. They cannot form a fair idea of its pleasure or difficulties. The Teacher is absorbed in a world of his own and is often oblivious of the outside world. His work is one of toil and care of wisdom and of love. The teaching profession places a heavy demand on his mental, moral and physical qualities. He is expected to possess a fine money, excellent teaching ability, exemplary character and reasonably sound health.

Teacher presents special difficulties and places heavy responsibilities on his shoulders. He has to attain a human material, which is so unpredictable. He is answerable to the parents, to the God and to state. This profession is likely to make teacher an introvert, egotistic and over bearing.

Following are the some rewards that teaching profession got :
• Its develop love for knowledge.
• Its brings psychic satisfaction.
• It brings him joy to see his words rising higher and higher.
• Its brings him respect from students and admiration from scholars
When a person comes close to his ideal, he maybe said to have gained success in life.

Tahmina Sajjad.

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