There are a number of films and books that have been dedicated to the legendary Atlantis empire. What it is and where it was remains to be mysteries. But this is a statement of fact 360 BC was when the Greek philosopher Plato wrote about Atlantis in two of his essays, Timaeus and Critias, and since then professional researchers and amateur sleuths have been fascinated by it. For one Internet bookstore, 438 titles on it are available. It was Disney that released Atlantis The Lost Empire which was a full feature film.

According to the scholars who were believers of Atlantis, a sacred island that beheld the sunlight and brought about a wondrous abundance, it was impossible for Plato to fabricate such a tale. Can Plato not be behind Atlantis but another historian's quote? Without telling people whether Atlantis was fact or fiction, Plato died a dozen years after.

A real person was Solon, the historian from whom Plato got the idea of Atlantis. For the skeptics, they think that Solon made things up but Plato bought the story. Plato was indeed an intellectual person but he lacked the capacity for detail and so when it comes to Atlantis being a series of rings, the royal palace and cities flowing through dug out canals, intricate statues and similar bath houses, these could not been things that he could easily think up.

There are a lot of stones left unturned especially with regard to the period of time when Atlantis could have existed taking into consideration the empire's level of development, able to build nuclear bombs and develop their flying machines, ending at around 9000 BC according to Plato. Aside from this, there is the location of Atlantis to worry about. Many believe it was actually on an island named Thira, which was destroyed by a volcano about 1470 BC.

Off of the coast of Spain in the Azores in the Atlantic is one more location for Atlantis. Looking for Atlantis has taken over the discoveries of underwater ruins. For their world expeditions, explorers from Europe utilized maps that had locations for Atlantis.

Having a ton of elephants allowed them to have lots of skins that could be used for flying machines. When in Atlantis, you might just as well be on today's Bimini coast. Not every life was claimed when the place was destroyed. By ending up in Egypt, these survivors shared their expertise with the rest of the world. Service as the storage for records of Atlantis in the Great Sphinx is a secret chamber.

Around 4000 BC was when Antarctica had ice. Nothing but underground explosions and seismic upheavals were experienced beforehand. Many of them would have been cataclysmic enough to wipe out any existing civilization. For one author, much research was done before any writing was done on Atlantis and he found out that it indeed existed in the Atlantic Ocean. The reason for its absence is a nuclear explosion in the past. We have nuclear weapons today and so did they back then. Atlantis' demise was because of their own fault during a civil war as they used nuclear weaponry.

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