The Real Education Starts at home environment, which enables a person to refine his/her attitude and behaviors at the latter stage. The real education eliminates the darkness from our mind and en light us to leave a better prosperous life .So we can say that the behavior and Attitude are the signs of a real Educated persons.

As we know that thousand of people are coming and passing day by day, but no body keeps any account. Some people are there, whose names are written in the golden letter of history and in our memory also. Such persons are the really educated, because they understand themselves and their society .They feel that the real world is their actual society.
We can not demand that the educational qualification is the real sign of an educated persons, because those educational certificates are not the yard sticks to measure the goodness of a person. The real educators are the good creator and innovator. They always try to innovate the newness for the social welfare .The humbleness is one of the sign of the real educator, who dedicates his/her life for the social achievement.

Adaptability is a good sign of a real educated person, which enables him/her to cop up with the changing environment. The real educated people can able to compatible with the social change environments, technical change environment, and behavioral change environment and also the business change environment. So I can demand that the real educated person can beautifully adjust with any type of Dynamic environment.

If we analyze the literacy rate form past 20 years against the crime rate, we observe that with the increasing of literacy rate, the crime rate increases .So what type education is it ? If our education creates criminal, so what is worth of this education? Can we demand that they are really educated? If we demand, there will be no meaning of education.

Pleasant personality is a real sign of education. The personality is fully person concern and it can be developed from the educational environment.

If we observe the historic details of world hard core criminals, we see that they are highly qualified but not actually educated, because their intension is to damage the society and social properties. They always prefer to follow the violent path to solve their problems.
But the real educated people are intelligent, because they apply their intelligence to solve their problems. They do not consider their problems as obstacles; rather they apply their intelligence to transform the all sort of problems into golden opportunities.

Before taking any real life decisions , the real educated person do not prefer to follow any blind approach ,rather they prefer to follow following steps to make the decisions intelligent .

* Perceptions * Conceptions * Investigations * Deliberations * Declarations ..

So we must think in which category we are? And accordingly we must refine ourselves to be the real educated persons.

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