Tuitions are a time when the students have to not only study at home, but they also have to go out and study again. There are some places where the tuitions are held at the school by one of the teachers o the tuitions may be in another place where the child has to go after school.

Though people think that tuitions are good, there are a lot of disadvantages of tuitions. This article lists some of the major disadvantages of tuitions over the children who do not attend tuitions.

Waste of time:

This is a waste of time because the child learns almost the same things that are taught in the school. This can lead to reinforced learning according to some people, but the truth is that the child is simply wasting the time, when the child could have studied or learnt something useful in that time. Other than the waste of time in the time that is being spent in the tuitions, the child has to travel to and from the place of the tuitions and this is another reason for the waste of time. The child will be travelling during the prime time and this time could have been put to better use by the child, if the child had been studying in the home or school.

Too much work:

The child will be having a lot of work to do. This can cause the child to become depressed. There is so much of work to the child that the child will not be able to concentrate. This is similar to what is said in the proverb that too many cooks spoil the broth. The child will not know what to learn as there are many instances where what is being said in the school is very different as to what is being said in the tuitions as the teachers in each of these places will be different. Finally, the child will become confused and this will cause the average marks that are scored to reduce, missing the whole point of the tuitions.

Child loses independence:

The best children are the ones who are self made. If the child goes for the tuitions, there is no time for self study and it is as if the child is being spoon fed all though the education. This can lead to deprivation of the chance for the child to be a self made person who is independent. The child will become dependent for the education because of the tuitions. This is again against the whole aim of educating the child. The parents should ensure that their children are free and are able to be independent people who are able to study on their own.


As the child goes to the tuitions and then comes home to study, there will not be any time to rest or relax. The child has to get up the next morning, get ready for school and rush. This is like a routine life that becomes mechanical. Though the child who is not able to do well in studies needs such motivation, putting every child through this can lead to the child being overworked and finally, the child will not be able to achieve much because of the mental tiredness. This is another reason or disadvantage of the tuitions.

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