The thing I like to do most is study Ancient Scriptures of all kinds. I am currently in College and history is one of my favorite subjects. If you know something about the past, the future becomes a bit clearer to you. I have spent most of my adult life in Business; however I started out in service to my country as a United States Marine Infantry man. Why should that be important for someone to know about me? The training I received as a Marine set the course of my life on a core level. We were brainwashed to believe that we were/are special. We also received training to back that up. I was an infantry point-man, and one of the key ideas about a point-man is that he has to see what is coming, if he doesn't he and all his platoon are dead if the enemy is lurking. It is like looking into the future. Now as a result of that training, I started out my life after the Military in business, again if you cannot forecast, the company is destined to failure or in my case will never get off the ground.

One of the key things that I learned in business is that success is a mental thing. Success at anything starts in your head, with your thoughts. I say anything first because it's true and secondly because we need to know what the key is in-order to take the guess work out of the process. I should not ask you to listen to me if I do not know what the key is. Now why this subject of preparedness? When I was in the Marine Corps I married a great gal who is from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, many years later I returned to that area of the world after a Hurricane had passed through in the 90s. I arrived on the island of St. Thomas about a week or so after the disaster had passed through, boy was it a mess. My reason for being there was to offer a solution for rebuilding. What I learned was that before people could get into the idea of rebuilding they had to deal with the matters at hand such as food, water, shelter and avoiding diseases. Water was a key ingredient to dealing with the problem. If you have never lived in a place where drinking water, cooking food, bathing or flushing was an issue, let me tell you right here and now you need to open your eyes and be prepared. Notice I didn't mention crime that is not my specific area of interest in a disaster.

When thinking about the basics let me tell you that nether one of them seems more important than the other when you are without. Well my time in the Caribbean during that visit found me in the country of Antigua where I lived for two and a half months dealing with a less privileged country than America. I said that to say that things that we enjoy in America and take for granted are things that other countries cannot even if they wanted to. The idea here is be prepared, for anything that you can prepare for. Be prepared to have to drink from a pool of dirty water, be prepared to be without for a period of time, being prepared to live at the lowest levels of life that you can. That is what the Marine Corps, the Ancient Scripture, time in the Caribbean and other life experiences have taught me, and I am willing to share with you. It is not all bad it's comforting in fact to know that you are ready.

I am a fun loving father of four of the best young adults you ever want to meet, who are raising 10 grandchildren. One of the things my family loves most about me in my opinion is that they are allowed to live their lives without much interference on my part. I am the guy they call when things get unbearably difficult.

Recently the newest addition to the family was diagnosed with a hereditary illness that she received from her grandmother's side of the family. This disease is incurable and can be terminal. My daughter called her mother crying about a dreadful rash that was consuming our granddaughter. The Doctors did not know what it was and were running test after test, with no idea of what it was. I got on the phone and got involved in the matter. I went directly to some basic scriptural understandings about the body which involved healing, things like understanding that the body heals itself if we create the proper environment for healing. The long and short of the matter is that she is doing well and the problem has been placed in regression. When my daughter and granddaughter went back to the doctor, the doctor thought that she would be covered in a dreadful rash. In fact she was clear of symptoms of the problem.

There are other instances of the same outcome in my life ranging from my time living on the West Coast to my return to the East Coast, I have been diagnosed with many issues that should have taken me away from this earth as well as injuries that could have left me in an electric wheel chair and have not. I have spinal damage from the top to the bottom, along with two injured knees. I walk around just like everyone else. I cannot run nor do I jump, heavy lifting is out of the question but you would not know that I have the injuries I have; I have received what I believe to be the best training available from many sources not listed.

I am a very analytical person who enjoys learning things that few people would ever take the time to learn. I see the world through the eyes of someone who believes that we are all actors on the stage of life, playing our roles as we must and as planned by the creator of all things. I take most things personally in the beginning but not so much in the end. This entire thing means to me is that I am still human and feel just like other people feel about life. I eat to live and not live to eat. I can be a friend to those who want or need a friend, while understanding that not all people are my friends, nor am I theirs. I enjoy playing a game of chess occasionally but prefer real life chess instead. I like people and look forward to expanding my personal friendship circle to include more positive realistic minded people. I am not at all a perfect person; life is all of what life is. This is a parable, simple meaning the glass in not half full or half empty it is completely full of something, air and water.

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