Our challenge is to cheat, to deceive, and to blame others so that make others feel our presence as a great nation which we are not today nor can be because our national policies do not reflect anything substantial that we can possibly create the greatest impact.

The UK government's education policy for the International Students reflects this very well, particularly for the Pakistani students. The policy is nothing except extending the tentacles of the deceitful government to suck the money and to bring them in by using all the possible means even if they are cheap and below standard. Now a student from Pakistan, and may be from any other developing country, can take admission in any black listed or third rate college or university of UK without IELTS (or is acceptable to them if having only 4 band score) because the UK government is only interested in looting the wealth (as the history of the nation also shows) of the poor countries. This has always been the interest of UK in the third world regions and is not a new thing.

As a result of this policy, students from Pakistan somehow entre UK and afterwards have to do cheap labour to meet their living and education expenses and at the end of a day return with a piece of paper which has lesser value than the one they get in their own country. In this way they not only transfer their national wealth to UK but also earn for UK. This is how the UK government plays with the dreams and ambitions of the Pakistani youth and spoils its future career. This is highly shameful act on their part. It is shameful act to fill the coffers at the cost of education.

In UK the colleges and universities are active in looting and plundering the money of the students and nobody is monitoring them properly. They are there just to enroll the students and collect huge amount of money from them. The helpless students meet their requirements doing cheap labour. Similarly, the UK embassies are charging higher visa fee from the students while the British Council offices are earning a lot because students need only 4 bands to seek admission in UK.

Why Cameron should count his fingers after shaking hands with Pakistan's Mr. Ten Per Cent why should not Zardari count his fingers shaking hands with UK's Mr. Twenty Present?

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