A bachelor degree is an academic qualification awarded on successful completion of an undergraduate course which generally lasts for three to four years. But it can range from two to six years depending upon different regions of the world. It may be a post graduation degree named with "bachelor" such as Bachelor of civil law, Bachelor of music or Bachelor of philosophy. Do you have a 3 or 4 year undergraduate degree? Are you looking for an education that will provide you with transferable skills set that is related to a wide variety of occupations? If so, the 1 Year Bachelor of Education program is there to help you attain bachelor qualification only in course of one year. Recognized as leaders in teacher's education, there are many universities offering one year education degrees and producing successful graduates that work in different teaching and related professions across the globe. Not only in business administration, there are many fields in which you can do a 1 year bachelor degree.

The BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is an undergraduate degree in business studies. In most universities, various aspects of business management are discussed during the four years of a degree. General business courses and advanced business courses with specializations fall under the category of BBA programs. BBA programs expose students to a variety of "core subjects", and, as above, allow students to specialize in a specific academic area. The core usually comprises: accounting ,business law and ethics ,economics, finance, management information system, marketing, operations management, organizational behavior and management, operations research, and strategic management. Students who wish to shine as big entrepreneurs in their careers with a master degree in business administration (MBA), having a bachelor degree in business administration (BBA) will help them understand the huge syllabus of their higher education easily and they will be very comfortable in doing their higher education from a reputed and renowned university in any part of the world.

The Bachelor of Business Administration program allows students to specialize in the following specific academic areas:
• Accounting
• Entrepreneurship
• Finance
• Management
• Management information systems
• Marketing
• Supply chain management

In every organization, there is a big demand for well-qualified business managers. Hence, a student can easily get a decent job in these esteemed organizations after completing his course from Top BBA Colleges. BBA program focuses on students' knowledge and skill development in the core areas of management practice.

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