Like every project that needs a framework to guide its progress, education too needs some planning to guide the teachers and the students. The frame work mostly consists of pointers like the resources for the task, the steps that need to be taken and the goals that need to be achieved. In case of a school such a framework would consist of a set of courses, including their content, the teaching methods to be implemented and the means by which students will be assessed. Such a frame work in school is known as school curriculum. This ensured effective classroom teaching and helps teachers as well as students to move towards the completion of the course.

Every stage of education has a different curriculum to match the level of the students. As the students grow schools tends to raise the bar of the course, the teaching and the assessment methods to make it challenging for the children. This helps the student to get sharper at learning. Let's take a look at how school curriculum plays an important role at different stages of schooling -

Elementary/ Primary schools
This is the first level in the education system and a proper implementation of the curriculum plays a very important role in the development of the child. In India the primary school comprises of the classes from 1st to 5th. Since these are the foundation years of the child, the school curriculum here is developed keeping the child's psyche in mind. It aims at the complete development of the child's mind. At this level the course teaches the students basic concepts that will help them cope with the courses later. At primary level the curriculum provides the students with a structured platform. It gets them used to the functioning of the classroom and prepares them for the further courses. A primary school curriculum basically provides the child with a structured platform, which gives every child an equal opportunity to exceed.

High school
By the time students reach the high school they are well aware of the function of the school and the education process. The high school or the secondary section of education in India includes classes from 6th standard to 10th standard. Some schools include 11th and 12th as a part of high school as well. Here is where the curriculum is designed to place new subjects before the students. The difficulty level here is raised and students are challenged with a number of different concepts. This kind of studying helps them be well prepared for the next level of education i.e. college. Also they can understand their interest in different subjects and accordingly choose their stream.

A well set curriculum is very important for the school to achieve the goals they have set. Parents today assess schools on the basis of the curriculum and the effective class room teaching methods implemented for the development of children. They mostly look out for a school that gives equal emphasis to co-curricular and academic activities. Also schools that include advanced styles of teaching like experiential learning are more preferred. In other words parents seek schools that focus on the all round development of their child and this is possible only when schools implement a school curriculum to meet this goal.

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