A tutor is a person who is able to teach the students. There are many tutors who are available, but only a few of them are the best. Each of us have had many number of tutors in our schools, but do we remember all of them? We may remember only one or two of them, unless we have been in constant touch with many. If not, the one or two who stand out are the exceptional ones. These are the tutors who had the best qualities.

So what are the qualities of a tutor that we need to know about? There are some qualities that every tutor should have. The best qualities are the ones that set apart these tutors from the rest of the people. These qualities of a goof tutor are listed here.

1. Motivator:

The best tutor is a person who is able to motivate the person. Though many tutors are available, only a few take the time and are concerned enough to motivate the student. This actually helps in changing the life of the student and also helps to mould the student according to the needs of the person. The motivation of the tutor eggs the student on and helps them to perform better than they normally would. This is one of the major advantages of the students.

2. Goal setter:

The tutor should take personal interested in each student and help them to set a goal for their life. This will help the student to strive to achieve it. This is the long term goal setting for the individual. Other than this, the teacher should also make sure that they have a short term goal for the student. This too will help the student to perform better. The short term goal could be for that particular year. This will also help the child to have a purpose in life from a very young age.

3. Someone to lean on:

The child usually spends a lot more meaningful time in school than at home. At home, there is only enough time to do the home work and then go to sleep. This makes the teacher to become a revered person and someone who takes the role of a important person in life. So the tutor should make sure that he or she is a person who is someone to lean on for the students and take support. This will help the student to have a friend.

4. Appreciate:

There is something that works really well with children. That is appreciation. A word of appreciation or a pat on the back of the student will go a long way in helping them to become better and try to achieve a lot more than they ever thought was possible. To make this to come true, the tutor should make sure that the child receives due appreciation as and when needed. This will also egg the student on to become a better performer and achiever.

These are some of the good qualities of a teacher. Though many teachers do not have it in them, they should try to make sure that they develop these qualities as it will help them to be more satisfied in their work as the students will be able to achieve more and more in their education and in life lessons.

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