CAT or the Common Admission Test is the single exam that is held each year in India for the students and others who are keen on going on to business school. The best B schools in India take their students based on the rank that the person has got in the CAT. Though there are many components of CAT, the verbal ability is one in which many of the students falter because of the barriers in the English language. For some people, the climb seems insurmountable and they falter in the final step.

This article has been tailor made for the people who would like to crack the Common Admission Test and go into the business school of their choice. There are some tips that will help the student to get over the exam. These are simple methods that will help the person to clear the Common Admission Test and also to be able to get a better rank.

Reading habit: The reading habit is very important for the person. Though there are many people who read a lot, it is never too late to start reading. Though you have to make a start one day, let it be today. Each time a person reads a passage, there will be something new that can be learnt. This is the reason for the importance attached to the reading of passages.
Understand what is read: The common habit that most people have is to read a passage and then when we come across a word that is not known to us, we skip the word and continue reading on. Some of us may also try to think as to what context the word is there and decide on the meaning by ourselves, but the best method would be to understand each word and if there is something that one does not know, looking in the dictionary and learning the new word is the best option.

Basics of grammar: Though it is not needed to have a great grammar, it is at least mandatory to have a working knowledge of English grammar. This is because, if you do not have enough English language skills, then you will not be able to understand what is being asked. The Common Admission Test will require that every person who participates in the exam know the basics in the English language grammar.

The vocabulary is another important aspect that the person should be aware of when the Common Admission Test is being taken. The reason is that unless the person has a huge vocabulary, it becomes really difficult to get through the exam. Reading many books and also going through the dictionary and learning the new words is a very important activity that will help the person to be able to improve the vocabulary. It should be understood by the person that the vocabulary cannot be built in one day. It takes a lot of hard work, patience and determination to increase the vocabulary and also to crack the Common Admission Test and come out in flying colors.

Unless the language skills are not perfect, the person may not be able to get into the B schools of their choice. Each of the components of the Common Admission Test is very important and so one cannot think that English skills are not important.

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