We all hear about education in our daily life. We all want to get best education. Parents are always find new schemes related to education for their kids. They are always try to registered their kids by which kids can get maximum facilities in the same field. But basically what is EDUCATION? Education is a knowledge for which we have to do hard work to get it but once we get it there will be no hard work only a smile and peace. It'll store in our mind and attached with our soul for the rest of our life. Education makes us a civilised person, develops our mind,pure our soul,develops the way of our thinking and makes us eligible to make a special place in the society. Education helps us in earning our bread for our livelihood. Education create the understanding to understand the things in a better way. If we are educated we can help and make our next generation not only a good but a best person. Everyday from our day to day activities we are learning many things but to have this understanding to learn our base should be clean clear and strong which could possible only from school.For this everybody should aware about the places that are schools from where we can begin our education. So be a part of school and get the education, educated yourself and your loved one and then try to spread your unexhaustible knowledge all around.

About Author / Additional Info:
I Geetu singh have bachelor degree with science stream and B.ED so love to teach. I have an interest in writing but yes I am not perfect so please read my article and give response. Thanks with regards