Learning English offers us opportunities to get jobs both at home and abroad .English is the official and state language in many countries of the world. At present it has become the main media of communication .mow people knowing English are considered for a job on a priority basis. There are some good jobs like those of a pilot. a navigator, an army officer, etc. for which one must be well conversant with the knowledge of English. Again if anybody wishes to get a job in a foreign office or in a big hotel or in the airport he or she must know English well. Even a mechanic or a repairman must have some knowledge of English to read the repair handbook or repair manuals. Some professionals like diplomats. Doctors, postmen, lawyers and even telephone operators cannot do without English. So it is evident that getting a good job now largely depends on the world our knowledge of English is a must.

For receiving higher education learning English is indispensable. At higher level almost all books of science and technology are written in English. In fact, if anybody wants to get higher education in science and technology or any other subject in foreign university needs knowledge of English. Moreover, English literature is the most enriched in the world and the taste of literature can be realized only after mastery in English and going through the classic English literary works.

As an international language English is mostly used all around the world. Without knowing English no one can step into international arena. Most countries in the world use English to communicate with people of other countries for various purposes. It is the only language which is widely used and accepted as media of international communication. So as an international language the necessity of learning English is the most imperative for us.

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I think that every one should Learn English. It is essential for modern life and advance technology. In the developing country it is essential for a good job seekers and want to going home and abroad. If a man wants to use a modern technology such as computer, smart phone and others necessaries need must English.

Please read this and ensure your wants to getting job and leading your carrier fluently If you're reading this, then I can assume that you're not a kid and your English level is at least higher than pre-beginner. And, consequently, you're not fond of elementary studying materials and books just for kids. But I assure you that kind of kids' stuff can be rather interesting, enjoyable and helpful for you too.
Do you know kids? What I mean by kids' stuff is two kinds of materials.
The first one is different "Learning English for kids" courses and other things, such as educational books, different tests, video and pod castings, games (especially online flash games). It can be seems as a rather senseless pastime, but believe me, it isn't. Why? It's easy. Easy for kids, so, of course, it's easy for you. And when it's easy, it's more enjoyable and less tiresome.
You can improve your listening skill by hearing audio, video.

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