The students need a correct place and time to learn to the best of their ability. There are many students who learn, but are not able to do their best because of various conditions. This article gives the list of situations where the learning ability of the students are at the best. These situations may not be same in different places, but they should be present for the child to have a great education.

1. They should know what their goals are:

The child who is studying should know the goals and this will help to make the child to strive to achieve these goals. If the person does not know the goal, learning is like trying to move in the dark without knowing what to do. Any person knowing the goal will be motivated to do the best and it is the same with kinds who are learning. They should know what their goals are.

2. Are motivated by its relevance to their personal & professional needs:

The student should be motivated by the relevance of the education. Only if the child knows the importance and the relevance will the child be motivated enough to give off the best. The child's education should also be relevant to the personal needs and the professional needs to help the child to do better in the education. A child with no personal need or professional need to learn a particular subject will not be motivated enough to learn it.

3. Objectives:

The child who is learning should also have specific objectives. They should also be able to work in small tutorial groups and are in an active situation with responsibilities and a specific objective to achieve. This will make the child to learn better.

4. Are exposed to different types of stimulation (visual, extended listening, summary review) learning by sensitive to the stimuli:

A child who is exposed to various kinds of stimuli will be in a situation where learning is easy and also better than when the child is in a situation where there are no stimuli. There are various methods of providing these kinds of stimuli to the child in the process of learning.

5. Face the challenge of preparing for a certifying evaluation:

This is a motivation for the child to learn. A student studying at home may be more motivated if there is going to be an evaluation. If the same evaluation was by a certifying authority like an university or an educational board, then the student will try to do better in the studies.

6. Know that they shall have to inform and instruct others:

A child who thinks and understands that learning is very important for the propagation of knowledge will be more motivated to study and come out with flying colors in the exams.

These are some of the important factors that make a student to learn to the best of their ability. There are many students who strive to do better and are able to be successful too.

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