We all want to do to best , to have best and to be best and we all think that there is any external power to get what we want to be , do and have but I would like to inform you that all the power to get things we want is from within it within human body it is in human mind and it is in human soul and our only task to undersatnad this power develop this power and use this power for our betterself

We all are made up of three things :- Body, Mind and Soul and our work as a human to satisfy these three things , Body by food , Cloth , Shelter , Mind by joy feeling of haapiness and by continuous learning and soul by love and only love.

But no-one really know how to get these things, no one know that there is an internal power , the power within which is greater than this world whcih is the root cause of everthing what is happening in our life and we just need to understand ,develop and use this power.
the world without is the effect and the world within is the cause so rather than changing the effect we need to change the cause.

I know there is a question coming into your mind that what this power is and how we can use it for our advancement and my answer to you is the power is your Thoughts and with your thoughts you can change everything and you can do , be and have everything.

Everything is made up of energy and our thoughts are also made up of energy and it also has
a frequency and we as a human should always try to emit positive frequency and to emit positive frequency we should have positive thoughts.

To have postive thoughts we should always think of the things which we love the most that will bring us feeling of joy and happiness.

And by emitting postive thoughts we will attract people who are on the same frequency I mean on postive frequency , we will attract conditions , circumstances and everthing which is on the same frequency and these will bring us more joy and more happiness.

So to use this power go thorught these following steps :
1. Think about the things you love the most
2. Which bring you joy and happiness
3. you will have positive thoughts
4. you will emit postive frequency
5. you will attract people, circumstances and conditions which is on the same frequency

And to sum up I would like to request you to think positive thoughts , think about the things you love and you will be , have and do everything in your life and this is the greatest power -- the power within.

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