After any long struggle to cross a mile stone in education people relax ! its very short period when compared to their struggled period so guardians looses the children but they fail to observe that short period of time is like a low radius man hole which buries the golden future !

Many students mainly at this season frees from all the burden they carried out through out the year and starts RELAXING many people thinks to do many things in their rest period but all their life is spoiled because of the only word TOMORROW . Most people justify themselves in addicting for a unfair habit that its time to enjoy from which they can never be out . For example take a boy completed his 10th and about to join in +1 he plans a lot to do in his rest period but its sure that 8 out of 10 fails to implement their plans .

Its not the job of parents to push up the child in this period which causes irritation but its time when child should pull up himself/herself near to their goal . Realization is must along increase in age which also should accompany maturity . Every night just before the sleep student must recall WHAT I HAVE DONE TODAY TO REACH MY GOAL ! success is like a remote car where hard work is remote . Every student is equal and intelligent never wins always people with less smartness can cover by doing more hard work .

A defined schedule is compulsory to every student . Schedule does not resembles time table it refers that the person should be conformed that he should do certain important works that are allotted in that particular date, finally I conclude that a much successful person writes his dairy in bed light before sleep whereas most successful person write it in early morning itself!!!!!! Hope everyone who reads this article deserves best educational future .

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