Birth and personal efforts together lay the foundation of personality. It is sign luck to possess some extraordinary qualities in raw form. However, it is through personal effort and conscious interest in this raw stuff one can give an appropriate shape and form to it. It is therefore inevitable to develop a sense of nature as well as of nurture.

What is this raw stuff? It refers to the genetic traits you possess. These traits are both visible and invisible. Invisible are like those precious minerals and elements that earth hides from us and we have to discover them after great effort. While the visible are like those beautiful spots of nature on earth which we can see with our naked eyes and appreciate them for their beautiful presence around us. But it is quite unfortunate that we do not value the gifts of nature and their tragedy is the tragedy of the commons too.

Therefore issues related to personality are not only delicate but are also very sensitive. Keeping in view the perspective and the sensitivity of the matter, constantly and thoroughly study the personality of your child before cherishing any promising dream for your child's future life.

The world is thronged with personalities. Many are in the making process and many more yet come. Along side, personality depletion has also become a common phenomenon. Things not related to it are on the run. While things related to it are in a state of pandemonium. Things not related to it are on the run. While things related to it are either in a state of pandemonium or are matter of no concern for us. Everything is like a motion picture; like things in the dustbin.

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