"What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child."
--George Bernard Shaw

Educating a youth not interested in getting a good education is as hard as it can be, if not tackled properly. What is more than this issue where a student and education both act as opposing forces is rampant around the world? Parents and teachers alike both feel the need of new techniques to stimulate interest of a child in education.

The problem lies in the education system. Most systems have become defunct as children have become smarter and the books less unintelligent. Most of the time these books also lack material where a student can respond to it appropriately. Apart from the books, teaching styles have also contributed to this upward trend in lack of interest. Many teachers are usually hired at government levels through entry tests which may judge and stratify them in various degrees as to what their capabilities are. Most of them are also in this profession for the love of money and have not much ambition in imparting education.

As many parents are working to make the ends meet or both employed do not give much time to their children progress in schools .This ignorance is paying its dividends in form of less eagerness towards education by youth. The advent of internet has also made education systems in many countries mostly developed nations lagging behind. Most household's have access to internet and therefore do the children. This has given them the ultimate source of information where they have access to any subject. They not only use it for recreation but also use it for getting their tough home assignments done. This make an urgent need for people working in education psychology (the study of how humans react and learn in educational settings) to decide what should be the next step in education of the youth.

True education is never wasted. If properly imparted it gives its rewards. Many great men and women accomplished only due to the interest they had in subjects they loved whereas their parents encouraging them to attain grades in their choice of subjects. Steve jobs dropped out of his college but continued to attend the calligraphy classes at his college living on free meals on Harre Krishna temple and returning empty coke bottles for money! He later said "If I had never dropped in on that single course in college, the Mac would have never had multiple typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts".

Paulo Coelho whose books are translated in numerous languages was electrocuted by his very parents to stop his desire to become a writer.

This doesn't mean that Parents and teachers are villains but in fact shows that if interest of a student lies in something then its better to let them go for it. If education nowadays is made or taught in such a way then interest of today's youth can be rekindled again. Practical approach should be followed and more class assignments should be focused. Children should be given more creative assignments that relate to them as much as to their coursework.

Education is self enlightenment process. It makes an individual aware of his surroundings and the society. Laws, rules, government, engineering entrepreneurship, everything that binds the sinews of the society are based on good education. Renaissance in Florence was only possible through the invention of printing press and the publishing of the first book. Knowledge became available and the people in Florence started to imagine, think and cultivate their thoughts and imagination into ideas like Da Vinci artworks, Machiavelli Works on political sciences or Galileo discovery of the stars.

Education can be useful if it is properly imparted. If people are told about their rights and laws for instance then there wouldn't be disparity in justice and rights. If people are given education then crimes and other issues like over population and pollution can be averted. People become aware of their need and the sacrifice they need to make in order to get the best out of limited resources. Therefore it is a must that youth of today should be involved in getting education so that we may get a better future for them. For only by their willingness can they be helpful to be in better place then they are today.

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