A Common Written Examination (CWE) will be conducted by the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) on 27th Nov, 2011. Total 19 banks are participating in this examination. Any individual, who aspires to join any of the above Public Sector Banks as a Clerk or in a post in that cadre, will necessarily be required to take the CWE. Prospective candidates who wish to appear for the CWE will have to apply to IBPS and should carefully read the advertisement regarding eligibility criteria, online registration process, pattern of examination, issuance of call letters and score cards on the website of IBPS.

This examination is a golden opportunity for those who wish make their career in the banking industry. However, it is not easy to clear this examination and it requires consistent effort and hard work. Also regular practicing is an essential mantra for success. The examination will be conducted for:

• Test of Reasoning 50 questions for 50 marks
• Test of English Language 50 questions for 50 marks
• Test of Numerical Ability 50 questions for 50 marks
• Test of General Awareness with special reference to Banking Industry 50 questions for 50 marks
• Test of Computer Knowledge 50 questions for 50 marks

Total time allocated is 150 minutes. Answering 250 questions in 150 minutes will require special efforts indeed. Test of reasoning will access your logical and analytical skills. English language will have special focus on your ability to understand English grammar, vocabulary and how fast can you read and answer questions. Numerical ability will have focus on arithmetic and basis skills in mathematics. General awareness has a different approach this time as there is emphasis of banking industry. You need to know basic concepts related to banking like what is NPA, BASEL guidelines, what are banking products and services, banking industry in India in terms of business done by them. Also go through various banking schemes and terminology used in banking industry.

Test of computer knowledge will require your understanding of computers. You need to know various computer terms related to software, hardware and networking. Like in networking you need to understand LAN, WAN, Firewall etc. In hardware you need to understand names used for various computer parts. Also you need to have decent understanding of binary language which is used in computers. I will recommend you to buy a basic book on computer and go through the same. Please ensure that you understand all terminologies related to computer before you write this examination.

I am also providing guide for,'Test of general awareness' and 'Test of computer knowledge'. However these are chargeable. You can write to me at viveksharma95@rediffmail.com. You will have to pay rupees five hundred for these documents.

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