For many parents, having children with no learning disabilities is blessing enough. They are so concerned about many other things that they do not notice the need for those children to have good grades; at least those they are able to manage. Some parents do not know exactly how to go about helping their children to pass their exams. Not all kids have the intellectual capacity to get them into Ivy League schools, but you can help them to increase their grades by following the tips set out below.

Motivation is very important and as a parent or guardian, they look up to you and want to imitate everything you do. If you slack and never finish up your tasks, they will end up doing the same. If you are always encouraging them to work hard and put more time in their studies, they will imitate you. Parents with negative attitude, always put a negative influence on the outlook of their children towards their studies. It is not enough to tell them to do something while you are doing something completely different. It has been said that the best way to change a person is by deeds and not by words. Always make sure your actions and deeds go hand in hand. Tell them of your wishes and regrets and why you want them to put in a lot of effort in their studies. Always remember, if your child is brought up in a good relationship with you, he/she will always want from heart to fulfill your desires. So let them know what you feel but never impose your thoughts, this may lead to stubborn and disturbed child.

Always ask them to voice out what they have learnt in school; especially with regard to the subjects that are hard for them. This way you will identify those kids who cram their notes and those who have learnt something. Always ask them to make a report of what they have learnt and ask them to look for extra information about the things they have learnt in school. Start early, and teach your children to learn from books as soon as possible. Common sense reveals that it is easier to mould the habits of a child when he is younger than when he is older. So, if he is used to watching the TV before getting to elementary school, his grades are definitely going to suffer a lot in the future.

Time management is very crucial, so make sure your kids are good at managing their time well. Know that when they know how to manage their time only then will they be able to ensure a balance in their lives. Help them make their timetables and give some time for them to relax and perhaps watch something on TV. Help them to allocate reasonable time for each activity and always give them support in their endeavors. Don't shun them from play-time or extra curricular activities; it is definitely good for their brains but make sure everything is in balance.

Reward hard work and punish laziness. This is not only in regard to schoolwork, but also activities in the home. This is very important too as this will encourage the child to be on the right side. Be a tough talking parent when the grades drop and mean what you say. If you want them to submit their reports every week, be there to ensure they do and do not let the late ones get away with it. Always attend school functions and have personal talks with their teachers so as to give them encouragement. Do not forget to attend school recognition functions, especially if your child is being feted for good performance.

Always remember, your involvement in your child's studies and relevant activities will encourage him/her achieve more. You must have seen your friend's or colleague's kids or even your own kids to perform much better when they know there are their parents behind their backs to see and praise their performance. So never miss a chance to encourage them but also scold them for their bad performances so that they may know if there is reward there is also punishment.

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