A group is a number of people who have joined together for a purpose. There are different methods of learning that can be used by an individual or a group. In schools and in the education industry, there is a group of students who learn to be as a team. They learn together and also face the challenges together. There are various advantages of small group leaning and this is the reason for the small groups to be better in learning.
The advantages of the small group learning are listed here.

1. The students are active: In a large group, there may be many people and the individual attention from each member may not be present. When the group is a small one, the people all have eye contact with each other an it is very difficult to not become participative in this kind of a group. So, in a learning situation, if there is a small group, then the students will be able to learn better than if it is a larger group.

2. Sharing: In a small group, it is possible for each of the members to share their views and experiences to be able to learn more. Other than this, they will also be able to share their observations and insights on what they are learning. Each of these is an important method that will help in the learning process. If a group is a larger one, there will be limited scope for the group members to be able to share their experiences. They might not have the time or place to do so. In this scenario, only a person or two may be able to share their experiences.

3. More responsible:
The members who are in a small group for the learning to occur will be more responsible to each other. This will mean that the people in the small group will support each other in their quest for the knowledge and learning. This helps the leaning process to become better. There are many individuals who feel that they are responsible for the learning needs of the whole group. On the other hand, if it is a very large group, then individuals cannot make sure that they are responsible for the learning process of the group and its members.

4. Feedback: In a smaller group, the members will be able to have adequate feedback. They will be able to learn from the other member as to what the feedback was. In a larger group, because of the sheer size of the numbers and the group, the feedback becomes an impossible method of collecting the relevant details.

All these factors point out that the small group learning is the best method of learning that can occur, but on the other hand, there are situations where the small group learning is not a possibility because of various logistical reasons. The space in the place where the group is supposed to form may not have adequate space to make a few small groups and instead, a larger group is accommodated. In other situations, because handling a larger group at one time is better than handling many small groups, the larger groups are formed. Though these logistical problems are present, it should be known that small group learning is the best method of learning as a group.

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