Most of the Technological Institutions face the task of daunting proportions in bringing the students to the line of a career-orientation as their learners are naturally inclined otherwise.Colleges come out with new ideas all the time in the form of campus-recruitment training classes and there are motivational counseling sessions coming from academicians of repute and standing.It is not unnatural that students display an attitude of 'Take it easy',as a real seriousness comes much later in life and they,at this stage ,are in the pursuits of many kinds,academic as well a non-academic.

The aim of a teacher normally is not directed at bringing overhauling changes in the mindset of his Learner,as,he can not don many roles at one time,as his fundamental duties ,as ordained by the Authority may be very much limited, in these changing circumstances.Moreover,his moves have got to be subtle so as not offend the young man in his fluctuating moods and the changes that are wrought out should be phase by phase and degrees,towards adopting a career-orientation.The students do make endeavors for an improved academic performance, all the time and they know that this is to avoid the wrath of their parents.They can also be made to cultivate the employability skills covertly,while the teacher adheres to his strict academic calendar.There should be a simultaneous activity in the class room,coaching the student for a Degree as well as a Profession.

The students should be given an awareness that acquiring the employability skills can be fun also and their minds are not further taxed.The format can be altered suitably to bring the point home to the students and the process of making the young suitable for a career can go on simultaneously and smoothly with the academic activity.All the extra-curricular activities in the Institution can be organized ,utilizing the untapped energies of the youngsters,as the Administration has an extra advantage in making all the extra-curricular and co-curricular activities student-centred.

The Technological Institutions offering BTech and MBA are left with no other option except to promise facilities for the developing of the employability skills, in these days of stiff competition, to fill up seats .Their primary task is in inculcating the realization of the significance of employability skill and making the student battle-ready.The core subjects receive the maximum attention in the running of the Institution and this is justified as per the norms enforced by the supervising authority. There is one more problem for the teacher in that the students of Engineering streams are never a homogeneous group.The authorities can not disown their responsibility in alerting the students to the need of enhancing the subsidiary skills with a caution that the students have a problem looming ahead ,namely,appeasing to the needs of the prospective employer.

The students do suffer for lack of ideas and thinking.They do not have the breadth of knowledge as is generally foreseen...Sometime, there are no adequate inputs at colleges and even if there are, the students do not show an inclination to receive. They are not given sufficient exposure to the knowledge-boom that has become a reality in the recent years after Globalization.
All the employability skills can also be described Transferable Skills. The problem arises only when there is an awful lack of receptivity on the part of the student. The students should have a sense of urgency.

And they can not defer their preparation for the future activity to a later date. In case of distractions, the teaching community is morally obliged to show the student the right direction. The hopes and expectations of the average parent are so high that the Institutions should know that they are morally bound to cater for their aspirations.

About Author / Additional Info:
The Author works as Chief Academic Advisor at Khammam Institute of Technology and Sciences,Ponnekal,Khammam (R) - India