Mechanical Engineering has been one of the oldest and most popular branches of engineering. It is often regarded as the mother branch. The major feature of the field is its broad and knowledgeable aura. All the inventions which were done during the medieval periods are now used in the field of mechanics.

The concepts involved in this type of engineering are robotics, kinematics, thermodynamics; fluid mechanics, structural analysis and various other options are available in a wide extent.
The contribution of mechanical engineers cannot be denied. It is used in the manufacture of various types of motors, aircrafts and in many areas of industrial machinery. They make a huge contribution in the advancement of power plants, heating and cooling plants and com0plex machineries. They are mainly responsible for the manufacturing, testing and maintaining the new mechanical systems.

Previously, this zone was not considered to have ample opportunities, but the times have changed and students show a lot of interest in this course. They are focusing in other subjects related to the mechanical engineering such as biomedical applications, environmental conservation, nanotechnology and various other options are available.

The demand for the people from this profession is ever increasing. The mechanical engineers are offered a wide range of job options which is very useful for the students who want a stable and successful career. The salary which they are offered is also good. The start-up pay and increments are very high in the mechanical jobs.
The qualification required to get admission in an engineering college is that the student should have passed 12th class in Physics, Chemistry and Math. The aggregate should be more that fifty percent.

The candidate can survive in this field only if he has a good understanding about the ways different machines work. The innovative candidates can also try in this zone. The ability of the child can be observed from his school days and his field of interest.

Many fear to choose it as a career option and various questions arise in one's mind that whether it is a right option or not. The basics of the student should be clear before they decide to take it as their ultimate career option. He should also be good in subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Math. His skills should also be sharp.
The fees of private engineering colleges in all over India can cost between 50,000 to 2, 00,000. The famous Indian Institute of Technology, run by the government of India has fees up to 30,000 to 40,000 annually.

The interested engineering students can even move to Gulzar Group of Institutes. This is one of the well renowned institutions of India. Students from all over come to study here. It is under Punjab Technical University which was established long time back.

Thus this field has ample of opportunities. One needs to be skilled and basics should be clear. There's nothing which can hinder him in becoming a successful Mechanical Engineer.

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