Service Learning is a teaching and learning methodology which helps the student to reflect and apply the classroom curriculum with the meaningful community service. In the process of service learning the student learn to choose the appropriate topic for learning. They will find out the theoretical aspect in their text book and practicals in the field. Its a form of meaningful service to the community. In service learning the student gets an opportunity to apply his/her academics in the form of service to the community.

Service Learning falls under the category of experimental education. In service learning the child is not just the passive listener as in traditional classroom but an active participant who learns from its experiences. The student learns from his/her mistakes and experience. It builds the community spirit in the child. It is also a project based study where the child learns with the service to society. The child understands his task in a better way and thinks creatively to reach the goal. Service learning also helps to achieve the educational goals both short term and long term. Service learning as its own steps to follow. Its the student who selects the topic for the project. Next to understand the various ways to complete it. Then the short evaluation.

Service learning is not just learning but its fun to learn. Following the technique of Service learning in our education system has number of advantages in the education system. It helps both the teacher and student to think in a creative way. When the child is involved fully in the learning process in which he/she is interested in, there are less chances of drop outs. It increases the community spirit in the students to build a strong future nation. It unites the society in name of learning. Service learning also undertakes developmental work for the society.

Service learning is a wonderful concept of learning. But for India it has remained still new. there are less number of researches in this fields in India. So lets try for it a innovative way of educating ourselves.

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