How to have a blog build your ZamZuu business? Why do you need a blog? Let's discuss it...

Whether you are brand new to ZamZuu or a seasoned expert, you have heard and/or taught that the key to survival is creating relationships. Sometimes it is referred to as Relationship Marketing and that term gets used in practically every type of business, especially any business that involves direct sales. Basically, as the name hints, getting to know someone and fostering a relationship with them is the top way to guarantee your business. That may be a simple concept but putting it into practice takes, well... practice! It is obviously easier to accomplish when you are talking to a person that you already know, but sooner or later, every ZamZuu distributor runs out of people they know and they must begin talking to people that they don't know. When this takes place, the MLM'er has now hit the significant time in their ZamZuu business and the point at which most (over 95%) stall and quit. Now, I'm not foolish enough to say that building a blog will by itself get the novice networker over this hump, but a large part of transforming a cold market prospect into a warm prospect lies in the ability of the ZamZuu distributor to secure credibility, confidence and trust from the prospect. Here's how to have a blog help you accomplish just that...

How to have a blog create credibility is a fairly simple thing to do, if you are ready to do some work. Let's get that out of the way right now. If you think for a moment that just putting any sort of content on the internet will earn you ZamZuu business, you are wrong. There needs to be some value. However, the work can be pleasurable. Most significantly, your blog has to offer some insight into YOU. At the end of the day what it truly comes down to is that people will do business with people they like and people they trust. Yes, products and price can be important, but if the prospect doesn't like you, then you are finished before you even start. So, find remarkable and helpful content for your blog that not only promotes ZamZuu, but also promotes you. It can be text or video or photos and it does not have to be perfect, it just needs to be you. Something that says... "This is who I am and this is why you should join me!" Get creative! If you don't know how to do this, find someone that can teach you. Resources are out there and obtainable. Remember, this is a business so you need to plan on budgeting some funds on education. Every business owner out in the real world has to spend money to make money.

Now, maybe you say "ZamZuu is already providing me with a website". This is the case with most MLM's these days. However, your company-provided website says nothing about YOU or why someone should sign up in YOUR team. It does very little to establish any sort of relationship marketing.

There is a differentiation between owning a website and building a blog. A blog is much more personal, easier to start, and easier to maintain. You don't need to know any fancy HTML codes or be an authority at web design. In fact, you can set one up for free. If you are wondering how to have a blog, I would recommend looking into Wordpress. They provide the most search engine friendly formats and they are free. Once you have a blog in place, you now have a spot where you can direct your leads and they can read about you. You can document your activities and tips and thoughts on this blog and your prospect can really get a sense for how you operate your ZamZuu business. You can insert photos of yourself and your family to let your prospect know that you are a real person, just like them. Pictures of pets help too! You can even record a video introduction on your home page to make it more personable and use your own name as a domain. Think of this, next time you meet a would-be new consultant for your ZamZuu business, you can say to them, "Check out my site at You can learn more about me there." That's the start of relationship marketing.

Here's the bottom line... if having a blog gains you even one new distributor in your ZamZuu career, then it was well worth the time and trouble. Once you master how to do it, you'll be able to use that knowledge for anything down the road, including teaching your downline!

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