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  • A Historical Overview of Plato's Science- Part 2    By: Femi Omotoyinbo

    After knowing the nature of Science itself and also that of the Greek, it is proper to move straight into the Science of Plato proper. In another words, a reader of this article must first read the part 1 so as to comprehend it fully. A little step further will give an answer to the question whether Plato is scientific indeed. >> Category: Education
  • Lesson Plans and the Purposes of the Plan    By: Jo Justin

    Lesson plans are very important for the teacher as well as the student. Learn all about the benefits of a lesson plan. >> Category: Education
  • Assessment Methods For a Student, Their Advantages    By: David Prakash Kumar

    Asessment methods of students can vary. One of the methods of assessment is exams using various kinds of questions. Here are some types of questions and their advantages. >> Category: Education
  • A Historical Overview of Plato's Science- Part 1    By: Femi Omotoyinbo

    This article was at the early stage a term paper for a first semester course; PHL 317 Greek Philosophy in Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba -Akoko (, Philosophy and Religious studies department by the Author, Omotoyinbo Femi and three Co-presenters- Ajiwo Abu, Olatunji Tunmise and Ajayi Peter. Although, it was the group work with the least number of participants; it was regarded as the best academic work, amidst numerous term papers. Despite the subsequent bamboozle in the award of grades; the paper survived for the sake of any academic quest into the scientific thought of Plato. >> Category: Education
  • Tips and Benefits of Starting Online College    By: john reese

    Imitation degrees and attestation are plenteous and you'll simply be spent your schedule, work and money if you operate with single of them. >> Category: Education
  • Education System in India    By: santosh chaudhary

    India is the largest country in the world having more then 100 crore people. a country's development goes by education. if we talk about Indian education then we remind some old systems, boring syllabus,chalk,duster, blackboard and long and-boring chapters which are not job oriented. there are lots of children in this country. they are not provided good guidance thats why they don't study. >> Category: Education
  • Have You Ever Imagined About Learning Chinese? Here Are Some Suggestions to Get Your Started    By: Andrew LI

    Whenever folks ask me if there was 1 language I would totally love to learn,my answer would most likely be Chinese. Not just is the whole Chinese culture fascinating and how the characters might be traced correct back on the Han Dynasty in 206 BC but also the amount of subfamilies within the language family that it encompasses from Tibetan to Karen. This language is ever expanding and evolving and is beautiful to listen to and to speak moreover that may be why I would love to find out and speak Chinese confidently. >> Category: Education
  • Is There Any Difference Between Illiterates and Literates??    By: Priya Doraisami

    Each and every government all over the world is trying hard to make Education as one of the Rights to its citizen. but is that making difference in the normal mans life in this world.... >> Category: Education
  • Summerhill Dialogue    By: Sanya Ivanovic

    A dialogue between people about Summerhill the school >> Category: Education
  • Education Dialogue - Between Bill Gates, A.S. Neill, Paulo Freire and Me    By: Tim McAdam

    A dialogue I put together with Bill Gates, A.S. Neill, Paulo Freire, and me. They are all giving their own perspective on education and what they think about education as a whole. >> Category: Education
  • Marine Engineering - Unit survey ( Sulzer RTA Engine )    By: mworld mk

    Here is the some of the required information for all mariners of the world. A Unit survey of Sulzer RTA Engine. Planning, Shutting down, removal of connection and >> Category: Education
  • What is SAARC?    By: Raja Vikram

    This is an Idea about SAARC and its activities.SAARC - South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation is an organization of eight countries towards the economic and political subjects. >> Category: Education
  • Manhole Gaps in Education    By: phani koushik

    After any long struggle to cross a mile stone in education people relax ! its very short period when compared to their struggled period so guardians looses the children but they fail to observe that short period of time is like a low radius man hole which buries the golden future ! >> Category: Education
  • How to Get Your Child to Be Interested in Studies    By: Deena David

    Education is very important for every child. Read about the methods you can employ to get your child interested in studies. >> Category: Education
  • Why Every Child Needs to Learn Martial Arts    By: Deena David

    Children would be better off if they learnt some martial arts. The reason is that there are many benefits of learning these as they can be seen here. >> Category: Education
  • PHD WRITING    By: chetna sharma

    There has been a growing popularity amongst students to pursue their education online, and in particular their PhD. >> Category: Education
  • Work on Concepts, Then Look at Marks    By: Raja Vikram

    This is to give an idea of the importance of concepts in education for school and college students. >> Category: Education
  • Students Appearing For BBA Are Sure to Have Bright Careers    By: Roger Pointing

    BBA is the pre-MBA bachelor degree which polishes the careers of those who are longing to excel their future as business entrepreneurs. BBA courses are organized for students in such a way so that they can learn many basic concepts and principles and after completing the program, they will ready for field-based projects and can apply for theory and logic to problem solving. >> Category: Education
  • Human Resources MBA--do You Possess Enough Potentialities to Shine in This Field    By: Roger Pointing

    Students should feel the pulse of their likings and potentialities prior to choose their career options. The students, who like to register their names in the human resource MBA courses, must check their potentialities to become success in this field. >> Category: Education
  • What is Management?    By: Raja Vikram

    This article is to give an idea and activities of management. >> Category: Education
  • Purchasing an Air Conditioning System    By: felisha martine

    Denver, Colorado is a city with rapid population growth and new housing developments. Denver air conditioning services are essential to keeping all of the new residents comfortable in their homes. An experience air conditioning contractor can install central ac or heating systems with a very short turnaround time. >> Category: Education
  • Many Forms of Dictionary    By: felisha martine

    Dictionary can exist in a classic or electronic form. Electronic form of dictionary can be realized trough simple application for PC, MAC or modern smart phone devices, or it can be available through web form on Internet and accessed with any Internet browser. >> Category: Education
  • Modern Dictionaries    By: felisha martine

    Dictionary can contain many languages, and we can translate words from one language to another through it. This type of dictionary is known as language translation dictionary. Because of high technology improvement, mobile dictionary and text translator is very popular and available online. >> Category: Education
  • Discover the World the Way You Have Always Wanted to With a Tourism Degree    By: Roger Pointing

    A Tourism Degree can offer you the best of both personal and professional development. You not only get to learn everything about the different countries of the world, but also get to explore the versatility of Mother Nature with your own eyes, plus, there is the chance to meet different people. >> Category: Education
  • Allowed to Keep Term (A.T.K.T)    By: Liyakat Shah

    Congrats to Maharashtra Government for taking decision for A.T.K.T (Allowed To Keep Term). The main reason is that failure student's academic year would not be lost and would be liable and considered mere just as the passed student if he clears the given subjects in the stipulated span. >> Category: Education
  • Importance of EDUCATION    By: Geetu Singh

    How Education is important for all of us. >> Category: Education
  • Learn the Best Tips to Revise Before Your Exams So You Can Remember Everything    By: S Edwin

    Studying before the exams is incomplete if you do not revise before the exam. Read all about the methods of revising for the exam. >> Category: Education
  • Education and Personaliy Development    By: kishore thampi

    Education does not mean knowing about each and every thing that exists in this world. Neither does it mean learning in depth about the intricacies of Science, Maths or History. But rather it should help one in understanding more about the subtle nuances of life >> Category: Education
  • Examinations: Learn the Best Method of Preparing and Being Successful in the Exams    By: Jo Justin

    There are a few methods that will help you to prepare well and be successful in the exams. This article tells of the methods of preparing and being successful in the exams. >> Category: Education
  • Tactics to Pass Out With Flying Colors in Exams    By: Jo Justin

    Examination is a very important method of assessing the students knowledge. Read all about the methods of tackling the exam so that you can pass out with flying colors. >> Category: Education
  • How to Boost Your Memory Before Exams    By: Jo Justin

    Memory can be boosted before the exam so that you can remember a lot more. This will help you to be successful in your exam. >> Category: Education
  • Education is Must    By: Liyakat Shah

    Eduction gained cannot be stolen >> Category: Education
  • MBA Course in Fashion, Retail, Communication and Health Care is the Making of Co    By: Roger Pointing

    Management is looked upon as the making of corporate careers. It is a craze with corporate aspirants. MBA course is also available in fashion, retail, communication and health care, besides marketing, finance, human resources, operations and IT system. In the present age of internet, MBA program can be pursued as an online degree. >> Category: Education
  • Play the Challenging Role of a Human Resources MBA Personal in the Field    By: Roger Pointing

    Employee management is a challenging role that you can play as a human resources manager at a corporate organization. With a human resources MBA degree in your academic profile, you can fit the career profile of a HR personal. You need to brush up your skills in motivating, encouraging and counseling employees of all levels at a company. Nowadays, distance learning is a feasible option to earn MBA qualification in human resources. >> Category: Education
  • Free Legal Research Online    By: joe Kruk

    This article focuses on legal and related research resources that are available for free on the web through various search engines and publicly accessible websites. >> Category: Education
  • 4P's of Marketing - Marketing Mix    By: Raja Vikram

    This article keeps on track of the 4P's of Marketing or the Fundamental Mix of Marketing. Product Decision, Price Decision, Place Decision and Promotion Decision. >> Category: Education
  • What is Marketing?    By: Raja Vikram

    This article speaks about the different definitions ,Concepts of Marketing. >> Category: Education
  • SEZ and its Advantages in INDIA.    By: Raja Vikram

    This article is to tell about the SEZ and its benefits. In lay man terms Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is a geographical region given to the companies by Government with an Advantages over economic laws and Taxes to create a hassle free environment of Exports and Imports. >> Category: Education
  • The Factors That Affect the Learning Ability of a Child    By: S Edwin

    There are various factors that affect the learning ability of a child. These factors are all listed in this article. >> Category: Education
  • Non Verbal Communication Methods and Factors That Affect It    By: Jo Justin

    There are various methods of using non verbal communication. Read this article to learn of the various factors that play a role in this kind of communication and also the types of non verbal communication that are used. >> Category: Education
  • Tips to Make Students Learn the Best    By: David Prakash Kumar

    There are various tips that will help to make a student to learn better. These tips are all listed in this article. >> Category: Education
  • Do we Require MBA to Be an Entrepreneur?    By: Raja Vikram

    Is the Education of MBA really helpful for us to manage a Business? >> Category: Education

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