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  • Social Media Effectiveness Vs. Conventional Advertising    By: Marty Savarick

    I use personal memories to compare conventional advertising to the amazing low cost (FREE) of using the Internet to advertise >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Is Social Media Marketing Beneficial?    By: Raja Vikram

    Social Media Marketing is a platform where people share and like the content which they like most. It is from the research found that 75% of people in social media love to share the posted content if they really like it. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • We and the Digital Marketing    By: Raja Vikram

    What exactly is 'Digital Marketing'. To be more in common terms it is marketing over Internet or doing marketing over Web 2.0 technology. Yes, marketing through different on line channels and mobile is called as Digital Marketing. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Monetizing Your Product    By: Florante Poso Jr.

    It entails about how you can monetize your product. Creating confidence within yourself and confidence on your product could be a major ingredient on your success in the world of business. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • SEO- Search Engine Optimization- Phase I    By: Raja Vikram

    Search Engine optimization is a process of search query and displayed web pages under the search engine box as results. But how the process works is the query? Let's Discuss... >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Advertising and Brand Preference: Choice or Circumstance?    By: Richard Imhoagene

    Why would you drive past the local burger shop next door to MacDonalds that is 2kms away for a cheeseburger? Why would you always buy Macleans toothpaste in the midst of substitutes even when it is more expensive? These questions and more are what this paper intend to answer, as we scrutinize the place of advertising marketing. As a tool, advertising is perhaps, one of the most effective tools of advertising known to any salesman. It is both educative and persuasive. If well packaged, it can enhance sales and build consumer confidence in a product. However, this paper intends to find out if preference is circumstancial or simply a choice. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Varicose Veins    By: joe swails

    Varicose veins usually develop on the back of the calf or on the inside of your leg. About 3 in 10 adults develop the condition at some time in their lives. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Customer Satisfaction - Part 1    By: Raja Vikram

    Customer service is not a department, it's everyone's job.Question is that, who is going to answer the pain of the customer? >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Appreciation and Criticism in Life    By: Liyakat Shah

    If we take criticism in another way that is a measure of improvement by welcoming criticism as a means of correcting our self than we would improve and learn a lot to become a good person, but to have such nature requires a big heart and bold mind set to remain neutral at both times >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • The Different Types of Material Handling Equipment    By: handlin ge

    The need for material handling tools is seen in every type of industry out there that will at some point need to have something moved from one point to the other. Let's take the metal industry for instance. There are many things that go through a lot of stages and some of those objects are very heavy >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Planning of Sales Kit    By: Raja Vikram

    Is planning of sales Kit required for a sales call? Or we have to move like that on the field to prospective customers is the query comes to our mind before doing a sales call. Let's focus on it. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Creative and Attractive Advertisements    By: Raja Vikram

    Advertisement is the mode of promotion of goods, ideas, services, products with a sponsor. It is used as a tool to pass the message for the target audience. Hence the aim of advertisement or ad is to pass the needy message to the target group of customers within a limited time period. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Role of KAM in Sales in Brief    By: Raja Vikram

    KAM/CAM- Key account manager or corporate account manager is the new tag or designation for a salesman in this corporate world. The B2B sales have really emerged with few skills for a salesman to be. role of a KAM is much important. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Differential Advertisements    By: Raja Vikram

    This article is for the new trend of advertisements and how well they are communicating us? >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Branding- a Perfect Way to Enter a Perfect Competition.    By: Vinit Varghese

    Facts about Branding and its gain. Businesses all over the world require a name to identify their business. Beginning from a huge multi-national company to the smallest market business man, all cherish a need to make their business stand out. However, only a few of these companies have the qualities to be classed as a brand. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Good Business Good Profits    By: Liyakat Shah

    But in every business if we adopt the path of honesty and truthfulness than would be a perfect person to be called as businessman but if we take help of anything odd or use any tricks of false and cheat and try to earn more and more than that is not permitted in Islam. Our intension of doing any transactions should be clear like water >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Concepts of Brand Repositioning    By: Raja Vikram

    This article gives a brief description for brand repostioning with examples. Brand is an identity, image, name, term, symbol or logo which is designed to satisfy the same need of the customer by differentiating competitors. For Ex: Maggi is a brand which satisfy the need (noodle in short time) of the customer than their competitors in local market too. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • F A B in Sales ( Features, Advantages and Benefits )    By: Raja Vikram

    What is FAB? This is a brief description for the Feature, Benefits and Advantages of a product and how it can help for sale. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Qualification or Experience in Sales    By: Raja Vikram

    This is to brief whther a qualification is enough for sales or do we need an experience for selling. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Change Management: A Curtain Raiser    By: dgh brh

    A broad write up on change management. Change Management is very important in the present time as the only consistent thing in the world is the 'CHANGE'. To manage change in a systematic way to eliminate the chances of failure in the expected result as much as possible is the contemporary management mantra for the successful and sustainable change management teams. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • M A N in Sales    By: Raja Vikram

    This is a brief description of a sales process where one of the process is approach. A well planned salesman goes through a process of Suspect, Prospect, Approach (M A N), negotiation, closure and order. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Concepts of Brand Positioning    By: Raja Vikram

    The article talks a brief note for brand and its positioning in the market. To position brand in the market a company needs to make sure of the Branding attributes like uniqueness, relevance, sustainable, appealing and inspirable. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Branding Attributes    By: Raja Vikram

    A product should follow few attributes to hit the market and do branding for itself. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Main Characteristics of the Superior Telephone Answering Service    By: Brad Barns

    Looking for the best answering service and do not know the main characteristics that make such service outstanding, read this article. It will provide you with the information on the key features of the good answering service. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Neuralgia (Trigeminal) - Symptoms, Causes and Diagnosis    By: joe swails

    What is Neuralgia? It is a facial nerve condition which is more common in people over 40 years of age. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Facts on Botulism - Symptoms, Causes and Treatment    By: joe swails

    What is botulism? It is a paralytic illness, serious but rare. Botulism causes flaccid paralysis of the muscles. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Islamic Banking    By: Liyakat Shah

    Islamic banking is that in which the principles and laws are framed and transition is done within Islamic laws of Shariyat. As interest of any kind or form is prohibited in Islam nor its transactions or any specific interest of floating or fixed tenure is permissible in Islam. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Online Marketing Resolutions for 2012    By: Kimberley Shadbolt

    As 2012 gets underway, e-commerce companies will be busy racking their brains and working hard to develop fresh and compelling strategies to take their online marketing efforts to a new level, in what will be a very tough but exciting year ahead for most E-tailer's. We set out to highlight the hottest marketing priorities for online merchants in the New Year. Let's have a look at the top runners. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • The Perfect Fill Out Website Form - What to Consider?    By: Glenda Himes

    An ideal fill out form for your website can make or break your business. A carelessly made fill up form will alienate your customers, while a simple one will encourage one to sign up and continue with the transaction. What makes a good design for your fill out form? Read this article to find out. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Boost Your Company: Components of Video Marketing to Help You    By: Aidan Christophers

    Does your company need a marketing boost? Why don't you try video marketing? Many companies have used video marketing and are enjoying its advantages. Don't be left behind. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Initiation of a Sales Call    By: Raja Vikram

    This is for the start up of sales call and for a brief idea of that. Sales call will always be a matter of concern for different sales personalities. There are few sales persons who are experienced in sales for a quite a time and still they do not understand the core concepts of sales. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • True Review at a Ps3 Controller Owner Purchased at Gamebacker    By: hong nan

    true review at a ps3 controller owner purchased at gamebacker,if you have the feeling,just share with me! >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Network Marketing - What Does it Actually Mean Anyhow?    By: Jaye Pause

    Network Marketing is one of the most valuable ways to advertise your business online or offline. It's a passive and easy way to form an income online. So what does it actually mean? >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Twitter Follower Software ?    By: Sydney Litton

    Twitter Follower Software . Obtaining twitter people might cause folks across the universe might find your business additionally sensational. The choice is up to any company, anyone can buy twitter account followers or anyone can genuinely save funds and invent a twitter following which is specific to your subject matter of interest. Don't buy twitter followers, invent twitter followers fast! >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Rich Gorman: The Professional Behind the Direct Response Industry    By: Kat Ranger

    Marketing is arguably the most important field in the business industry, as every company--no matter what it sells, provides, or promotes--relies on marketing to sustain its sales efforts and continue to bring in revenue. Within the sphere of marketing, however, there is a large variety of approaches that can be adopted by professionals. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Five Simple Steps to Pick a Niche With Regards to Your Website.    By: ahsan khan

    Tips on selecting your niche easily. Niche selection is one of the complex tasks encountered by everyone attempting to get started with an online existence for earning money. There is no determined and engineered way of selecting a niche, in which you can be sure of getting profits >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Effect of Advertisement on Consumers    By: Raja Vikram

    This is to give an idea to the effect of advertisemnts on the consumers mind set. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • 7 Business Reasons to Go Green at Your Next Trade Show    By: Datch Haven

    Putting together an eco-friendly trade show exhibit saves more than just the environment, it's good for business. Here are 7 sound business reasons to go green at your next trade show. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Rich Gorman's Path to Direct Response    By: Kevin Scott

    Just nine years ago Rich Gorman was starting out by building sport sites such as,, and That year LSU went on to win the national championship and Gorman escalated from $8 hourly to $113, 481 annually. From there Gorman introduced the world to direct response marketing and quickly became the well known pioneer of it. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Use Facebook to Market your Business    By: Anisa Author

    The internet is no doubt one of the biggest tools of advertising in the modern world. Here are the statistics and tips to encourage you to market your business using facebook! >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Airlines Gain Competitive Edge With Booking Abandonment Solutions    By: Kimberley Shadbolt

    Large UK Airlines have been taking advantage of new online marketing solutions that reconnect to consumers who are abandoning their online travel bookings.Shopping Cart Abandonment, Booking Abandonment and Quote Abandonment has become a huge problem for online businesses. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Segmentation in Marketing    By: Raja Vikram

    This is about the idea of segmentation in the marketing for the companies to operate in different locations . >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • When Starting an Internet Home Business, Beware of Misconceptions    By: Nancy Harnell

    If you're thinking about starting a home based business, you're probably going crazy already with all the myths and recommendations out there. You're smart to protect yourself against the common beliefs by examining the truth. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment Recovery: What Are the Solutions?    By: Kimberley Shadbolt

    Shopping Cart Abandonment has become a huge point of concern for online businesses, and recent activity indicates that people are slowly beginning to recognise the importance of recovering lost online sales and increasing online conversions. The amount of revenue lost from cart abandonment can be monumental, and will only get worse if companies fail to address the issues. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Create Your Own Products in a Few Hours    By: Dave Information

    There are various kinds of products that you can create. Read on to start your own online business. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Facebook Advertisements Can Help You Get Targeted Prospects    By: Dave Information

    There are a lot of advantages of Facebook advertisements. Read about them and learn how you can use them for your benefit. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Bill Meury: From the Baseball Diamond to the Corporate Office    By: Kevin Scott

    Sports analogies abound when it comes to the discussion of lessons learned on the field that can be carried into the workplace. Often inspirational in nature, movies and books abound about professional or amateur athletes who utilize the skills they used in their sporting careers to become successful in other areas of their lives. Bill Meury, a former professional minor league baseball player, is >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Puma Future Cat Already Have Different and Brilliant Queues    By: zang tim

    Puma footwear are unquestionably decent strong sneakers which will be employed for lots of many different systems in addition to lender boasts met up by way of great results all through the prior years. Their finest remedy plus the Women Puma Tour Cat Shoes Brown White they will are often safely recognised when it comes to will be the wide selection connected with working boots and shoes jointly >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Your First Year in Network Marketing? Why You're Guaranteed to Fail    By: Fontella Williams

    Is this your first year in network marketing? If so, the odds are greatly stacked against you. Make sure you avoid the traps and pitfalls on your way to success. >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • SEO Strategies and Techniques For Webmasters    By: Dave Information

    There are many SEO techniques that are very useful. Some of them are the best to increase traffic. Read the most important Strategies and Techniques for Webmasters here. >> Category: Sales-Marketing

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