If you are thinking of selling books online, the first online place to think about is eBay. Products are easier and faster to sell in eBay than any other online market places. If you do not have an account yet, just go to eBay.com and register a new one. It is very simple and easy. What to do next is the big question. How do you sell books on eBay?
Start from Scratch with Zero Feedback

When you are new to online selling and you want to sell books on eBay, it would be difficult at first because you have to build a good reputation for buyers to trust you and buy from you. Your first buyer will be your most important customer because he will be the first one to give you a good feedback. One feedback will work wonders. A few tips should help you in selling used books on eBay.

• It is important to check on your inbox for buyer questions and messages. When potential buyers post questions, reply to them instantly and clearly. If it took you a long time to answer their questions, they will look for other sellers. One hour will mean a lot.
• Offer many options for shipping methods when sending their books. Provide all the advantages and disadvantages of each shipping method. Give them estimated time before they receive their package. The buyer pays for the shipping and he has the right to choose which to use.
• If somebody decides to buy from you, send them all the shipping information and a copy of the packing slip. Let them know that their purchase is on the way. It is also important to thank them.
• When you sell books on eBay, describe the book exactly how it looks. Mention any dog ears, rips, tears, markings, and creases. Mention also the complete title and name of the author. If you are selling a book with many versions, indicate the version and year it was published. Other books have different publishers that you should mention too. The more information you give in the product description, the better. Answer all possible questions that a buyer might ask. Buyers will seldom buy from an online store with vague descriptions. They might not even spend time to send you a quick question and wait hours for your reply.
• When you are selling used books on eBay, take pictures of the actual books and use them for images instead of an image of the front cover from other sites. Using actual pictures will give the buyer a concrete idea of what his purchase looks like. Take photos of front, back and all sides of the books. It will be helpful too if you post pictures of the flaws of the books. If a buyer receives a book with creases and dog ears on the corners, or old yellow pages, and it is not what he had in his mind, you might just be given a poor feedback for quality products.

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