Targeted traffic is very important for the growth of web sites and the income of the webmasters. There are some webmasters who do not understand the need of targeted traffic, but are happy with any traffic. The conversion rate of the normal traffic to a website us very less. On the other hand, if there is a targeted traffic, then the website will be able to make a lot of money when the visitor to the site buys products.

Here are some of the best tips that will help the web master to earn money by increasing the targeted traffic to a site.

1. Advertisement:

Advertisement is a very important method in which the web master will be able to increase the traffic to a site. There are various methods in which advertisements can be done and this could help to increase the targeted traffic to the site.

2. SEO:

The search engine optimization of the site is another important method that can be used in increasing targeted traffic. As you use various methods like article marketing, keyword writing and using blog or comment posting, the person who reads these knows that your site belongs to a particular genre. As the individual knows about the genre, it is easy for that person to wither come to your site or decide not to come to your site which is an informed decision. This decision making process that leads to the person reach your site is the best method of targeting the person because the person knows what your site is all about and still wants to reach your site.

3. E mail marketing:

This is another important method in which the person is able to reach your site. The e mail marketing is used by many webmasters to increase the traffic to their site. The e mails to various people are sent with a link to the web site. Along with the link, there is also some information regarding the site. This will help to interest the person and as the interested person visits the site, there is an increased chance of many people reaching the web site.

4. PPC:

The pay per click is a method of paid advertisement for the site. In this method, the advertisement is given by the web master to various search engines and there is a text box with a link to the website and a few links that lead to the site. When this is present, any person who uses a search engine for a particular keyword may see the advertisement that you had placed for the keyword. This will help them to make a decision as to whether they would like to visit your site to know more or they would not like to. This is the other method of increasing visitors to the site and making it targeted traffic.

5. Commenting:

Blog posting and forum commenting are other methods that will help to increase the targeted traffic to a site. As the person has a link in the information that is given in the post or comment, the people who read the post and are interested in it will reach the website. This will help to increase the traffic to the site and this kind of traffic is targeted too because the person knows what to expect on the site.

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