Just nine years ago Rich Gorman was starting out by building sport sites such as LSUshop.com, Seminoleshop.com, and UMshop.com. That year LSU went on to win the national championship and Gorman escalated from $8 hourly to $113, 481 annually. From there Gorman introduced the world to direct response marketing and quickly became the well known pioneer of it.

Gorman graduated Magna Cum Laude from Ohio University with a degree in Business Law and Economics. Gorman then went on to graduate school at Harvard, where he later dropped out.

Although labeled a Harvard dropout that didn't seem to stop him. Now, ten years later Gorman has built an extensive direct response marketing Web site entitled, directresponse.net. The Web site is compilation of experiences by Gorman himself and another handful of the industry's leaders. The marketing team is compiled of many different voices including Shoemoney, CopyBlogger, Zac Johnson, John Chow, Jon Volk, Rick Del Rio, Chris Brogan, and Seth Godin. These leaders tackle the do's and do not's of the direct response marketing world and answer question you may have regarding it through a blog medium.

Direct Response helps newcomers tackle the world of marketing by giving away millions of insider secrets for free. The blog gives away a wide array of tools and traffic sources to help just about anyone get started. The site also gives away tons of secrets complied only by the experiences of Rich Gorman and his insiders. Gorman offers practical yet enlightening ways to build an affiliate network.

As the affiliate network grows, along with Direct Response, Rich Gorman's experiences begin to become more valuable tools of the trade. The blog currently offers tips to anyone who's looking to work within direct response marketing.

Gorman even gives visitors his "arsenal of tools" which includes Google Keyword Analytics, Alexa, Mobile Device Stimulator, Google Placement Tool, ShoeMoney System, Facebook Fan Adder, Get Response and Plasma Business Cards.

Gorman has proved himself worthy of being the pioneer of direct response marketing with the creation of directresponse.net. The material on the blog is easy to read and follow and provides key tips to anyone starting out. By not only gaining Gorman's opinion but his colleagues' as well, you get many different viewpoints in one blog. The site makes new entrepreneurs aware of the risks and payoffs that are available in the

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