In Today's world social media has its own power. You can imagine how much profit a company can earn by advertising in social media. It is least talked about in this generation of internet and computers, which is the SEO generation. It can help you to increase your search engine ranking to a new level and is an important part of your SEO tactics.

Social bookmarking involves storing anything you like. The difference here is you do it socially, but online. You differentiate the site through different bookmark tags. You categorize the sites by using different tags that may be based on the other users' suggestion. You can bookmark and differentiate whatever you want and then you can share your bookmarks with others on social media. This increases the popularity of the information that is posted on the web page.

It is generally seen that the page rank and SEO ranking of social media sites are very high. The high rank of the site is due to the fact that many people follow the site because of the popularity and the traffic causes the rank to increase. You can save your data, back links to your sites on the social media which may be results in increase web traffic towards your site. Due to your back links provided on the Social media your site can get a huge amount of visitors. Social Media bookmarking helps you to reach a whole new network of people, who might not have found you by your services, if you have not been part of the social media bookmarking. It offers a wide choice for the website selectors to enhance their productivity via Social Media Bookmarking.

The many bookmarking sites available:

Here is the list of the few bookmarking sites like, Digg, Technorati, Reddit,, Stumble Upon, and and the list goes on and on. So what we mean by Social Media Bookmarking is that you can improve your business with the help of these Social Media tools. These tools are easily available and are also quite easy to use. As you publish your content on these Social Medias, the search engine crawler just not only indexes the content but will also index the URL provide with the articles.

Indexing a site and increasing rank:

In return of this Indexing your site will get a Rank in Search Engine Optimization. So you can understand what will happen next. Only it depends upon how good is your content and how effective is the material. Like there is an example of Digg. We all know about Digg. If you post an article on it, Digg will show up in the Upcoming Event and also in their user section. Generally a search engine index will appear on the Social website in an Hour or even in minutes. Finally we can say that you can boost your performance if you know how to use social media bookmarking appropriately and this is the reason for all web masters using these bookmarking services.

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