There is no way other than being confident in sales related jobs, if you would like to make a sale. If you are thinking about building your career as a salesman or currently working as a salesman, you have to know the key to be confident. Otherwise you would not be able to succeed.

How to be a confident salesman? - is not an easy question to answer. You cannot expect to become confident overnight. By following some easy steps you can improve your confidence level as a salesman.

The first step is to find out your fears and insecurities. Whatever that makes you feel low, unworthy or inferior, try to identify it. Write it down and make a list. Discuss about those listed things with your partner or a close friend. It might help you to overcome them. You can also write them down on a piece of paper and tear it. It may sound stupid, but believe me it will make you feel a lot better and positive on those points.

Next thing is your dress. Dress to look your best and it is not that clothes would make the confident salesman, but it will certainly affect the way you feel about yourself. If you look like a slob, no one will pay attention to you. No matter whatever you sale, try to look smart. If you admire yourself only then you can expect others to admire you. It is an effective key that will make you more confident at your workplace.

Pay attention on your posture and be conscious of the way you are acting. An apathetic body language won't help you to impress the customers. Practicing good posture will automatically make you feel more confident, hence would help you to be a confident salesman. Approach to your customer, greet them and offer to help whatever he/she is looking for. While talking to them, stand straight, make eye contact and smile. By doing so, you will make a positive impression on them and feel more confident at once. Beware, some customers may be rude. Don't let this rude behavior make you feel bad and try to accept it as a part of your profession.

Next key is to be knowledgeable about your merchandise. In order to become a confident salesman, you need to know how to manipulate a customer on making the decision about your product. There are underlying reasons and motivations as to why people buy. Try to motivate the purchaser with appealing features but also mention the drawbacks of the product. The logical side of the customer's psyche is always aware that a salesman always tries to manipulate into buying something. So when you will come up with some flaws of the product as well, that will help the customer to believe in your words easily. At the end, convince them on how instead of being some drawbacks your product is worth buying.

Try to like your job. Be passionate about it. No matter what you sale, if you find it interesting that would help you to improve your performance. If not, no matter how confident you are won't help you in long run. So the ultimate key is your inner spirit that drives you toward being confident and successful.

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