These last three years have seen companies stretched to their limits and employees working harder than ever before. Due to the financial squeeze there may not be enough money in the budget to offer everyone a pay rise, but that shouldn't mean you miss the opportunity to encourage and acknowledge a job well done. Here are six alternative ideas for transforming your office:

1. Tea inspiration - Find quotes you find inspiring and each day post one in the kitchen, so that every time someone makes a cup of tea they can see it.

2. Office Massage - Once a month (or week) book a massage therapist to pop into your workplace and relax your team. This can be used as an incentive for sales teams at the end of the month, a reward for a job well done on a Friday afternoon or to boost everyone's week first thing on a Monday morning. For a resource to help find the perfect massage go to

3. Games Room - Fill your lunch room with board games like chess, monopoly, risk, and a deck of cards. If you've got the space pick up football table, table tennis table or pool table. Go for games that encourage friendly competition with each other rather than solo games.

4. Alternative staff nights out - Rather than the same old trip to the pub, suggest something a bit different; a curryhouse in the middle of Brick Lane's hustle and bustle, 10 pin bowling at All Star Lanes - dressed up in 50's American outfits, a retro roller disco, a football match. Ask employees to suggest ideas and vote for the favorite each month, that way you ensure you get the mood right for your unique workplace.

5. Offer flex-hours - As long as everyone completes their assigned hours each week, give them the opportunity to skip the rush hour and tailor make their schedule. Eg, for a 9-5 day staff could clock in any time between 8-10 and clock out between 4-6. This will be especially popular with parents as it allows them to make the school run.

6. Say Thank You - When a member of your team has been working super hard make the time to take them to one side and let them know how much you appreciate it. Warm words of encouragement can be the fuel to keep striving harder each day.

About Author / Additional Info:
Robyn Cooper is one half of the LotusTouch management team. LotusTouch are a London based Mobile Massage company who's mission it is to transform the weary bodies of London one set of shoulders at a time.